5 Fun Ways to Use a Spinner Wheel with Kids

As parents, we are always looking for fun and interactive ways to engage our children in learning and creativity. A spinner wheel can be the perfect tool to keep them entertained while also promoting important skills. In this article, we’ll explore five creative ways you can use a spinner wheel to engage your kids, making the most of this versatile and exciting tool.

  1. Storytelling Prompts

A spinner wheel can help spark your child’s imagination and encourage them to create their own stories. Divide the wheel into different segments, each featuring a unique storytelling prompt like characters, settings, or themes. Let your child spin the wheel and use the chosen prompt to weave a tale. This fun activity not only promotes creativity but also helps to expand their vocabulary and communication skills.

  1. Chore Roulette

Turn daily chores into an entertaining game with Chore Roulette. Make sure you’re giving your kids age-appropriate chores and do it in a responsible manner. Allocate specific chores to the segments of the spinner wheel, such as putting toys away, clearing the table or watering flowers. Have your child spin the wheel and complete the chore it lands on. This adds an element of excitement to routine tasks and teaches your child the importance of responsibility and teamwork.

  1. Learning Games

The spinner wheel can be transformed into an engaging learning tool. Divide the wheel into sections with various educational categories like math problems, vocabulary words, or historical events. Encourage your child to spin the wheel and answer questions related to the selected category. This interactive approach to learning makes education more enjoyable and encourages active participation.

  1. Fitness Challenges

Promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle with fitness challenges using a spinner wheel. Create segments on the wheel that represent different exercises or physical activities, such as an obstacle course, jumping jacks, a jumping rope, or “The Floor is Lava”. Your child can take turns spinning the wheel and performing the chosen activity. This game encourages physical fitness, boosts energy levels, and helps to develop motor skills.

  1. Art Projects

Unleash your child’s creativity with an art project spinner wheel. Divide the wheel into segments, each featuring a different artistic approach or technique like painting, collage, or drawing. Your child can spin the wheel and create artwork using the selected input. This activity fosters creativity, self-expression, and fine motor skills development.

Setting Up Your Spinner Wheel: A Quick Guide

Here’s a brief guide on setting up a spinner wheel to implement the creative ideas mentioned above. You don’t need to purchase a physical spinner wheel or make one yourself – a digital spinner wheel can be just as exciting and enjoyable for your kids.

First, pick a spinner wheel website. Make sure to choose one that suits your preferences. I often use a spinner wheel named HeySpinner. Once you’ve selected a website, you’ll typically find a wheel editor near the wheel display. Use this editor to add your custom inputs to the wheel. You can adjust the size of each segment based on the likelihood you want it to be chosen – larger segments have a higher chance of being picked, adding an extra layer of fun to the activity.

Before you finish, be sure to save your customized wheel. You’ll likely need to create an account on the spinner wheel website to store your creations. By saving your wheel, you can easily create multiple wheels with your children and reuse them in the future. This fosters a sense of familiarity and anticipation, making the spinner wheel an activity your kids will eagerly look forward to.


A spinner wheel is a versatile and engaging tool that can be used in countless ways to entertain and educate your children. From storytelling prompts and chore roulette to learning games, fitness challenges, and art projects, the possibilities are endless. Encourage your child to participate in these activities, helping them develop essential skills while having a great time.

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