5 Favorite Grilling Recipes by Terra’s Kitchen

Warmer weather and brighter evenings call for firing up the grill and getting outside for your dinner prep. I’m not talking about your standard burgers either, I wanted to pass along a few delish recipes from Terra’s Kitchen, meal delivery service, that will satisfy your urge to cook with fire tonight. Here are five of my favorite grilling recipes, just in time for National Grilling Month!
1. The Big Island Steak Bowl – Nothing says, “Summer is almost here,” like this dish inspired by Hawaii. Skip the brutal plane ride, and enjoy the flavors of Waimea Bay in your own backyard with a glass of Riesling while you’re dreaming of white sand beaches.

2. Grilled Lamb with Pan-roasted Asparagus, Olives + Tomatoes – This meal brings back memories of huge family dinners that seemed to last all Sunday. The best part about this one though, is that you can cook it in 30 minutes and share with your favorite people even after a 10-hour workday. From the asparagus to the tomatoes and olives, this dish has just the right amount of the good stuff.

3. Grilled Chicken Tacos with Avocado Goat Cheese Sauce – Grilled chicken is often a backyard barbeque favorite, but go outside the norm and use yours in tacos. Toast your tortillas on the grill for a little extra flavor, and get ready to fall in love with the avocado goat cheese sauce (trust us).

4. Happy Chicken Salad Bowl – A salad on the grill? Yep, it’s possible, and delicious. Bonus points if your grill has a side burner to make the quinoa, so there is no reason to go back inside until bedtime.

5. Grilled Sirloin, Dijon Shallot Smear + Asparagus Salad – Our top grilling picks would not be complete without a steak! If he is anything like mine, your guy will insist on taking control of searing this sirloin to perfection, leaving you nothing to do except open another stout and stoke the conversation.

Credit: Terra’s Kitchen.

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