5 Creative ways to host a kids birthday party!

Many parents want to celebrate their child’s birthday by planning something that will be unforgettable and will prove to be lots of fun for all. Hosting a child’s birthday party can be a great deal of fun but it takes a lot of hard work and planning to pull off something great. It also takes a great deal of money to plan a party that includes decorations, goody bags, delicious cake and food and is memorable for all attendees. This article will give you some tips on how to be creative when hosting your child’s birthday party so that you can save time and money.


  1. Host the party at your child’s favorite place. While hosting a party at home sounds like a fun idea, it takes a lot of effort to clean up your house and get organized for a party. A quick way to reduce your stress is to host the party at a location in which your child loves to play such as Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center. Hosting a party at a place where there is built in entertainment, food can be catered, and a party host can help you is a great way to plan a fun party and cut down on the stress.


  1. Pick a theme. Ask your child what type of birthday party they want to have. Perhaps your son wants a Paw Patrol party or your daughter would like a Shimmer and Shine party. Whatever their favorite theme is at the moment, base the party decorations, goody bags, food, and invitations off of the theme. This will make the party even more fun as your child’s favorite characters are involved. Be sure to add the characters to the cake!


  1. Take pictures. Be sure to take pictures so that you and your child can enjoy the memories for years to come. If you have a generous budget, consider hiring a photographer to take photos of the event. If you are throwing a party for your teenager, it might be a good idea to hire a photo booth company. Your child can get copies of all the photos that were taken in the booth and those who attend will also leave with a memorable token from the event. Be sure to get props for the photo booth that fit in with the theme of the party.


  1. Games. If you plan to host the party at your home and are looking for some entertainment, plan some games that go along with the theme of the party. You can always play pin the tail on the donkey or other classics that people will enjoy. If you have a large yard or a big open space in your home, consider purchasing a pinata and fill it with candy and trinkets.

Bounce house. Another great way to add entertainment to your party while staying on a budget is to either hire a bounce house company to set up in your yard or purchase a bounce house and set it up in your basement. Your kids will be sure to love the bounce house for a long time after the party.

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