5 Amazing tips for parents of silicone dolls

Silicone baby dolls have existed for a long time.

                For decades, artists have done their best to bring these cute items to life. Today, the artistry has advanced to a high level allowing for more realistic silicone babies.

                Nevertheless, regardless of their visual appearance and the fact these are inanimate objects, people still treat them as their own kids. Parents of silicone dolls quickly get attached to their babies and would do anything they can to protect them.

                Unfortunately, people who don’t have enough experience tend to make some mistakes. Inadvertently, they will mistreat their silicone baby doll in one way or another. This is why, if you’re new to them, you’ll love those five pro tips from the Reborn specialists at Bebe Reborn Original.

                This awesome guide will help you manage your precious realistic baby.

  1. Carrying a baby

By now you probably realize that silicone dolls are much lighter than real babies. The difference is noticeable and may affect the way you’re holding them. People who are inexperienced will hold their silicone child as if it was a toy. But this can be very dangerous especially when in public. If you people see you carrying a silicone doll like this, they might start panicking thinking that this is a real baby. This can lead to some confusion and unwanted situations. Also, it looks really awkward.

  • Taking care of the body

Most silicone babies have a cloth body. While this is great for dolls, it can pose problems for their parents. First and foremost, you have to be very attentive when it comes to moist areas and water in general. Cloth body shouldn’t be exposed to water too often as it may lead to mold. Furthermore, moving the limbs can have a very negative impact on its body leading to tears. So, while it is possible to change the position of the baby, be careful how you’re doing it. Avoid excessive, strong moves that would tear the cloth.

  • Washing a baby

As mentioned, you need to be very careful around water. But, the baby still needs its regular washing. Make sure to be very gentle and expose only the parts that can be exposed. You might consider using a cloth which can be gently immersed into water. Again, try to keep it to a minimum as you don’t want drops of water to get to its body.

  • Baby clothes

Clothes are another cause for concern. In 99% of cases, your doll will come with a set of clothes. No matter, you can change them if you wish to from time to time. There are lots of companies that specialize in this particular item and you will have fun finding various combinations. Anyway, you need to be careful with darker colors. They tend to bleed color and it can endanger the skin of a baby. Washing also might pose a problem. If you like changing clothes from time to time, make sure to be very gentle; like with moving limbs, putting a new set of clothes needs to be a meticulous, slow process that won’t engager doll in any way.

  • Feeding babies

Some silicone doll artists like to include feeding bottle with a doll. Even if you don’t get one, you can easily buy it in almost doll store. Keep in mind that certain liquids can negatively affect dolls body and in particular skin. So, make sure to create a custom formula that will have no negative effects and still allow you to role play with your small child at any time.

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