5 Activities That Will Bring the Generations Together

It isn’t always easy to keep several generations of the same family together and create a bonding experience that everyone can enjoy. Your older family members might not be able to get about as well as they once could, while your kids never want to sit still. It might be tricky to keep everyone happy but here are five activities that will bring the generations together.


Crafting is a dying art and things like knitting, crocheting, and sewing will become obsolete if nobody teaches these skills to the younger generation. In times gone by, children were taught these skills from a young age and there is nobody better than your older relatives to teach the young ones how it is done. Making something together is a fantastic bonding experience and it will give them something they can keep.


Cards are an easy game to play, and they don’t take up a lot of space. For example, if your elderly relatives have moved into a Huntington assisted living facility such as Brandywine, you can pop a deck of cards into your pocket before you visit and this will keep all the generations occupied for hours without needing a lot of room. By the end of your visit, you will all know some new games or card tricks.

Board Games

Board games are a fantastic idea if you want to bring the generations together. Make sure that everyone is sitting comfortably and then play an old favorite such as Ludo or Monopoly or let the kids introduce you all to a brand-new game. Just remember not to get too competitive or it might not be as good a bonding exercise as you thought.

Create a Family Tree

A family tree is educational and children will love learning about their relatives as much as the older generation will enjoy reminiscing about them. There are lots of facilities online that can help you to trace your ancestry back hundreds of years and discover who lived before you and learn their stories. This may turn into a large-scale project which is great because it will keep the whole family busy for months and give them time to bond well.


Reading is a great challenge for kids whatever their age. A young child will enjoy looking at picture books with an older relative whereas a child who is learning to read can practice and be guided. This will be great for your elderly loved ones too as they will feel that they are helping and getting involved. An older child who can read well can discover new books to read while they are listened to. This will be relaxing for your elderly relative, and they will enjoy hearing new stories or re-discovering ones they loved when they were young.

The age gap between the generations does not have to be a barrier to them enjoying spending time together. Use these five activities to unite the generations and have fun.

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