5 Activities in Mauritius to Try with Your Kids

Whole Family, Whole Villa

One of the best things to do with the whole family is to get a glorious place all to yourselves. Check out the family villas in Mauritius and you will definitely be impressed. Luxury accommodations at affordable prices. Imagine dining outdoors with the whole family, the bbq grill is going and the wine is flowing. The kids are splashing in the pool just before the private chef calls everyone to eat. Sounds like a dream? No, it’s a reality here. The whole place to yourself, everyone gets their own bedroom and no one has to clean up after themselves. Now that’s a holiday to remember!


Snorkel in Blue Bay Marine Park

This is a fantastic place to snorkel with kids as the water is calm and clean. Boats depart from Point d’Ensy. The young ones will be wide eyed and in awe at the marine life. Everything from Rays to turtles and vibrant, colourful coral to multi coloured fish of all shapes and sizes. Equipment can be rented and certified teachers are on hand to provide water training to all ages.


The Story of Dalblair Shipwreck

Nothing excites the fantasy and imagination like a shipwreck. For the older and more adventurous kids, they will really enjoy hearing the tale and seeing the wreck. Not far off the coast of Point d’Ensy the Scottish ship hit the rocks near Mauritius in 1902. She was built in 1895 and hasn’t been sailing for long, but this one was her last voyage. The boat’s bow still protrudes from the ocean today. It makes diving an even more interesting experience.


A Day At La Vanille Nature Park

Well known for its crocodiles, hoards of monkeys, reptiles, tortoises and a multitude of other animals. The Nature Park has a strong emphasis on conservation. The protected animals are right at home and used to being around humans. Come learn about the local wildlife on land and get close and personal. Take some photos and make some memories.


Sail A Catamaran To Crystal Rock

Crystal Rock is an iconic sight, well known in Mauritius. A catamaran day trip is a stupendous way to see it! What a great way to spend a day in Mauritius. Soak up the island life, feel the sea breeze and see a beautifully iconic landmark. The Ile aux Benitiers trip allows you to experience the stunning Crystal rock view and also to explore a perfectly picturesque island near by Mauritius. The island boasts a small craft market, and traditional fishermen selling their catch.


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