4 Ways to Show Friends How Much You Care

Our friends are there for us during our best and worst times. Some we may have known for years while others may have come into our lives more recently, but they all brighten up our lives. Humans are social animals, and it is well documented that relationships are key for both our mental and physical health. All too often, however, we do not let them know how important they are and how grateful we are for their love and support. If you want to make sure that your friends know how much you appreciate them being in your life, here are four ways to show them how much you care:

  1. Put your friends to the top of your list

Of course, our family is usually our top priority, but our best friends should be right up there too. When your friend needs your practical help, is in the middle of a crisis, or needs some advice, you should be there for them as quickly as they would be for you. It may mean making a few sacrifices or canceling the occasional plan, but it will lead to a stronger bond and increase the trust between you.

2. Meet face to face regularly

Cellphones and social media have made it easy to keep in touch with our friends wherever we are in the world, but unfortunately, this has reduced how often we make the effort to get out and meet face to face. Just because a friend replies to a text saying that they are ‘fine’ does not mean they are. Talking with someone face to face, being able to read their body language, and giving them the space to speak freely is often the only way we get an honest account of their mental and physical wellbeing. Find time to meet for a walk in the park, a coffee, or lunch, and enjoy each other’s company without phones getting in the way.

3. Give personal gifts

Whether it is their birthday, Christmas, or you just want to treat them, make sure the gifts you give them are meaningful. This does not mean that you need to spend a fortune, but they deserve more than a last-minute panic buy. Think about who they are, what they are interested in, the memories you share, and choose a gift which shows them how well you know them. Even a simple gift like a coffee mug or a cushion with a photo of you both purchased with a Walgreens photo coupon could bring a smile to their face for many years to come.

4. Support them through thick and thin

When your friend has ambition, believe in them, and help them to see their own potential. Many people take pleasure in discouraging or criticizing others, often through the veil of ‘tough love’ or giving them a reality check. Of course, you can offer advice as to how they might go about pursuing their dream in a sensible way, but you should be there to lift them up. When a friend is going through difficult times or has made some poor life decisions, that is not the time to drag them down or neglect them. Be there for them and help them get back on the right path.

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