4 Tips to getting rid of pet hair on furniture and carpet

Photo by Daniel Montalvo on Unsplash

As a pet owner, owning a pet is fun, but when it comes to getting rid of pet hair on furniture and carpet, this can be a little bit daunting. This is because pet hair can stick onto your furniture, upholstery and carpet making your home uncomfortable to live in. To make your environment conducive both for you as well as your pet, you need to ensure that you find the right tools and ways to get rid of any pet hair present. 

Any stubborn hairs can be removed using different tools and ways from using damp gloves, adhesive tape, vacuuming, to other effective methods like using an old toothbrush. If you have a problem with pet hair, below are 4 tips for getting rid of pet hair. 

Use an adhesive tape 

To use an adhesive tape, either a duct or masking tape, take a section of the tape and flatten it against the furniture. Then leave it for a few minutes before peeling it away. This will remove any stuck, stubborn pet hairs present. If you would like the process to go quickly, use a wider tape. Alternatively, you can use a makeshift lint roller using the tape. But, be careful that the tape isn’t a strong one since when stuck on furniture coated in either paint or veneer, it might peel away the paint.


You can also vacuum the furniture and carpet to get rid of any pet hair. Vacuum the carpet or surface of the furniture. However, check the type of furniture, since for some, vacuuming may not work. To make vacuuming easier, use a window squeegee and run it over the furniture as you push away any pet fur present into one spot before vacuuming it. If there is too much fur, don’t vacuum it to avoid clogging up the vacuum or damaging it. Buy the best vacuum cleaners with the strongest suction power at https://www.squiffyclean.com/best-vacuum-cleaners-pet-hair/

Use a lint roller

Roll a lint roller over the spot that is filled with pet hair. The lint roller will pick up any pet hair present on your clothing, furniture, carpet, and even on your pet. A damp washcloth or sponge can also come in quite handy for pet hair on any cloth surface. Simply wipe the cushions, carpet or clothing while moving in one direction. You can also try a damp sponge mop to remove pet hair from your carpets. 


To avoid any future pet fur from getting onto your furniture and carpet, the best would be to groom your dog more frequently. Also, you can cover your pet’s favorite furniture with a piece of cloth or blanket to prevent excessive shedding. Your vet can also advise you on how to reduce the shedding. 

Any pet hair that is either on your laminated, hardwood, or bare floors can be removed using a microfiber or an electrostatic dry mop. Vacuuming your floors and carpet will remove stubborn pet hairs. Make use of the above tips to ensure that you keep your home, environment and pet clean at all times.


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