4 Fun School Activities for Elementary Kids

How many times have you seen a little boy crying hysterically and refusing to let go of his mommy’s skirt? Or a toddler lying on the floor, bawling her eyes out. These are common scenarios during the opening of classes at a preschool and even elementary schools. These youngsters have anxiety attacks from parting from their mommies and daddies and spending time at a room full of other hysterical kids they are meeting the first time.

It is essential for kids to equate learning and school with FUN. After all, they will be spending the next 20 years of their lives inside the halls of a school. Educators and school owners must always strive to make their school a magnet for curious eyes and a haven away from home for these little cutie pies. What better way to entice children (and parents) to enroll in your school than to have fun school activities for your students? So read on as I give you four fun school activities for elementary kids.

  1.  Arts and crafts to bring out the inner artist of your child.

Lucky for kids today there are lots of wholesale craft and school supplies that provide all the artsy needs of the next Da Vinci.  Hold art sessions and classes for the young ones to enhance their creativity while having fun. You can also hold mini art exhibits to display the works of these budding artists. Watch them beam with pride while their works of art are presented to their parents, schoolmates, and friends.

  1.  Let them have fun out in the field.

Due to technology and gadgets, kids prefer to stay indoors and play away with their tablets and smartphones. But being a kid, it is essential to have their physical play such as running, basketball, etc. These activities strengthen their bodies at the same time improves their coordination and balance.  This way, they also bond with their classmates and bolster their relationship.

  1.  Dance and sing.

Immerse your pupils to the performing arts. Allow them to express themselves through dance and songs. Let them have monthly activities like mini-plays and mini-concerts inside the classroom. You not only build your pupils’ confidence but also hone their creativity and leadership skills when putting up a presentation.

  1.  Show and tell.

Show and tell can be pretty exciting for the little ones. They present to the class, for example, their favorite pet. This enhances their communication skills and confidence to speak in front of the whole class. Here you will discover their vocabulary level, and you can also detect which areas you need to work on more with your kids. So every once in a while, when you are ahead of your lesson plans, you may want to inject a show and tell for them. Watch their eyes light up and their excitement bubble.

Learning should never be a burden but exciting and fun. School should be somewhere kids look forward to going. So make learning fun and your school a home.


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