4 Benefits of Group Activities for Kids

If there is one thing which can be said about children, it would be that most are very social creatures. They love to play and although there is the rare child who would rather stay to themselves, most kids are happiest when they are with a group of friends or classmates. In fact, it is so rare for kids to prefer being alone that it is a cause for concern. Yes, kids have fun and learn social skills when interacting in groups, but have you ever wondered about other benefits your kids may derive from group activities? Here are four to explore.

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1. Learning to Work as a Team

No matter what activity children are involved in during group activities, the one thing which must be established early on is the need for rules and structure. The right activities can teach kids the importance of working together to the benefit of all. They learn to share and also have empathy for those who are unable to participate on their level.

2. Physical Fitness

Another huge benefit to group activities is the fun children can have exercising to stay fit. However, this takes planning for those kinds of activities that motivate kids to move. Programs like Skillastics have been designed with kids in mind and every lesson or activity is based on group participation. Some are team activities and others are more individually competitive. However, the very presence of other children can energize them and motivate them to get moving.

3. Stress Reduction

Kids who participate in groups often find levels of stress dissipating. Studies have shown that after a group participation, children feel better about themselves. Those who suffer self-doubt, or are overly concerned with grades, find comfort in interacting with others who share the same doubts and fears. Studies have proven that group activities, especially fitness activities, lead to an overall reduction in stress.

4. Building Friendships

Some kids also find it difficult to make friends. They are shy or lack in the social skills necessary to easily interact with others. However, when participating in a group activity it becomes easier to literally break out of their shells. Instead of communicating on a one-to-one basis, they are communicating with a group of peers. In fact, larger groups give kids more choices and possibilities in whom they’d like to build a friendship with. The bonding that goes on in groups is just what might be needed to teach kids how to make and sustain friendships.

These are just four of the main benefits of group activities but there are so many more. From helping kids to improve concentration skills to building strong minds and bodies, group activities help children to grow into strong and healthy adults. Never before has it been more obvious that kids simply need other kids in order to thrive. If you have a child who is overly introverted and lacking the social skills necessary to make friends easily, you might want to get your kids involved in some kind of group activity. It isn’t important what kind of group it is, but it is important to give kids a chance to learn, play and grow together.

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