3 Reasons it is important to child-proof your home

Childproofing your home is very important, especially if you have children at the age of 1 to 3 years of age. There are so many dangers to not childproofing your home. Toddlers tend to play and move around a lot and anything can happen if they are not well taken care of or caution is not taken with regards to their access to certain items and places.

Apart from feeding them well children need to be brought up in a safe environment. Home equipment and tools might pose both physical and health risks to your child.  You can either childproof your home yourself or seek professional expertise. Perma Child Safety has limitless bay proofing product that you can use.

Childproofing protects your child from these incidents that might cause injuries or more serious health implications. Here are reasons why you should childproof your home that will ensure that your child’s safety is a priority in your everyday life and enable you to be more comfortable about their safety.

Keeps your belongings safe

Childproofing keeps your items safe. Items that are fragile that can easily break can be safely placed without the worry of your child breaking them. Toddlers cannot differentiate between unbreakable and breakable items and it is up to you to make sure that they are safely stored away from their reach.

This also applies to books, chemicals and hazardous components such as household cleaning agents. Avoid getting angry at your child for destroying stuff that you love by storing them safely.


Avoid disorganization

Toddlers play a lot and at a certain stage, they will pick everything and anything that they can and either displace it, throw it or put it in their mouths without realizing if it’s okay or not. When you childproof your home, you will limit the instances where items are all over the house making it look messy.

We all know how messy children can get especially when they are all alone and quiet. With childproofed items such as kitchen cabinet and drawers, you avoid coming back to all the cereal and flour poured on the floor or all over the house. Bathrooms cabinets and doors should also be locked lest you find the children washing themselves. It can not only be messy but your entire budget might be affected.

Keeps children safe

Your child’s safety always comes first. Children can give you a scare especially if they are playing somewhere quietly and you are not aware of what they are doing. Being at an age where they cannot fully express themselves, it is difficult to tell when a child is exposed to something dangerous.

By ensuring that sharp and harmful substances are locked somewhere far where your children cannot access them, you will be childproofing your child and ensuring their safety. Since toddlers have not yet learned safe and unsafe items, childproofing your home keeps them safe for a certain period before they get to the right age where you start teaching them what is dangerous and what is not.

Childproofing your home will give you a sense of calmness knowing that where your child is playing is safe. You will be preventing your child from accidents, injuries and also yourself from worrying or having to always replace broken items.


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