3 Precautions to Take Before a Family Road Trip

1. Review Your Car Seat Usage

Properly installing and adjusting your car seats to adhere to the manufacturer’s suggestions and your local laws is an imperative step to take. Not only could you be ticketed for this offense, but an officer could technically charge you with child endangerment in some jurisdictions. Check out your state’s car seat guidelines here to make sure you’re not breaking any laws. You may also want to watch a few videos on car seat best practices and spend an hour reading the car seat manual to become a guru at safe car seat usage.

2. Compile a First Aid & Emergency Kit

You never want to be completely empty-handed in an emergency situation such as an unexpected injury, so making a first aid kit is always advisable. As you know, kids have a way of getting hurt in situations where you wouldn’t think there would be any danger. Even something as simple as handling a sheet of paper could cause a paper cut. While there’s no guaranteed way to protect your child from

every possible danger that exists in the universe, having emergency supplies on-hand will at least keep you ready to respond appropriately.

3. Bring Backup Food, Water, and Batteries

Being stranded anywhere without food or water is never a situation you want to be in with kids. Unfortunately, even brand new vehicles can break down on the side of the road without warning, so you need to be prepared for such an event by packing plenty of non-perishable snacks, bottled water, juices, and other emergency food supplies. Likewise, you never want to be in the predicament of not having a phone to contact emergency services, so be sure to bring a couple of extra cellphone batteries and consider investing in a signal range extender if you’re going to be visiting a rural area that has poor cell reception.

Don’t Forget Roadside Assistance!

Finally, one precaution that every family should put in place on their insurance policy is roadside assistance. You’re probably aware of this option already, but it’s a worthwhile reminder for those parents who haven’t added this feature to their policy yet. Be sure to call your insurance provider and opt for the most comprehensive form of roadside assistance possible. This will give you the ability to quickly obtain emergency tow, repair, and hospitality services.

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