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Wild Weekends at the L.A. Zoo

Photo Credit: Jamie Pham/GLAZA

The Los Angeles Zoo is thrilled to announce the launch of Wild Weekends at the L.A. Zoo, a series of themed weekends offering guests special entertainment, activities, and educational opportunities in celebration of communities, wildlife, and the planet. All programming is free with paid daytime admission and for Zoo members. 

Lunar New Year – Saturday, Feb.17–Sunday, Feb. 18, 2024   

As we welcome the Year of the Dragon, the L.A. Zoo is proud to embrace the rich cultural traditions associated with Lunar New Year. This special weekend celebration features a range of activities and performances that honor this festive occasion, including spectacular performances and demonstrations by Wushu Shaolin Entertainment, who will perform captivating displays of martial arts, dragon dances, calligraphy demonstrations, and other cultural performances. Guests can also enjoy spotlights on animals of the Chinese zodiac and participate in the tradition of adding their hopes for the New Year to the Wall of Well Wishes. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit: 

Spring Fling featuring Big Bunny – Friday, March 28 – Sunday, March 31, 2024 

Spring into fun with this jubilant celebration of nature’s renewal at the L.A. Zoo. Visitors can enjoy egg-citing activities, fascinating education stations, pollinator activities, live story readings, a honey tasting, and special animal feedings throughout the weekend. Returning this year is special photo ops with Big Bunny, so hop on over for some Springtime fun as we embrace the season of birth and renewal at the L.A. Zoo. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit: 

Wild for the Planet – Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21, 2024  

Join the L.A. Zoo in celebrating Earth Day and our planet’s biodiversity at this special weekend event. Enjoy interactive activities, live entertainment with 3rd Rock Hip Hop, a honey tasting, and inspiring presentations highlighting the Zoo’s conservation efforts. From Planting for Pollinators to an Earth Expo featuring community partners, there are plenty of opportunities to discover how to contribute to a more sustainable future. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit: 

The Los Angeles Zoo is dedicated to providing engaging and educational experiences for guests of all ages, and Wild Weekends at the L.A. Zoo is the perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the wonders of the natural world. All programming is free with paid daytime admission and for GLAZA members. 

Credit: The Los Angeles Zoo.

Argylle * Very Exciting Action Film With Lots Of Plot Twists

A reclusive author who writes espionage novels about a secret agent and a global spy syndicate realizes the plot of the new book she’s writing starts to mirror real-world events, in real time.

KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Miguel C. comments, “Argylle is a very exciting action film with a lot of plot twists. The high quality sound effects and background music are spectacular and terrific acting.” Rayce S. adds, “Argylle has some funny moments and some good action scenes, but for the majority of the movie the dialogue falls flat. The VFX look like they were rushed, and the star studded cast is not used to their full potential.” See their full reviews below.

By Miguel C., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14 

Argylle is a very exciting action film with a lot of plot twists. The high quality sound effects and background music are spectacular and terrific acting. 

The storyline follows a writer Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard), who is seen at a reading for her new book, Argylle 4. At the reading we meet the key characters including Lagrange (Dua Lipa) and Aidan Wilde (Sam Rockwell) who is revealed to be a spy.  After it is revealed that Elly has been writing about a super secret spy mission, things begin to get heated.

Kudos to director Matthew Vaughn for delivering such an exciting film. The special effects really stand out, especially the sound effects which make it seem almost as if I was there. I also enjoyed the background music throughout the film. The music by Lorne Balfe creates suspenseful moments that kept me engaged with the movie. The best scene has to be when Aiden has to fight against the undercover spies on the train. We get to see how Elly interacts with the whole situation and, of course, there is amazing fight choreography. We notice how Argylle (Henry Cavill) is always alongside Elly and Aiden, but not in a way you might expect. Over the course of the film Elly is searching for the ending of her fifth book, but the plot completely changes throughout the movie. 

The film’s message is to always remember who you are and this film delivers this message in a suspenseful way. It’s important to note that this film contains a lot of fighting, blood and crazy action scenes.

I give Argylle 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18, plus adults. It releases in theaters February 2, 2024. 


By Rayce S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14

Argylle has some funny moments and some good action scenes, but for the majority of the movie the dialogue falls flat. The VFX look like they were rushed, and the star studded cast is not used to their full potential which is disappointing. 

The story follows an introverted novelist who writes about a secret agent and a global spy syndicate—and she discovers that the plot of her latest work is mirroring actual events in real time.

is a movie that starts off bland in the beginning then teases you with some enjoyable moments that don’t pay off. The main character Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) was not that interesting, and I became more interested in Argylle (Henry Cavil). However, the biggest disappointment of the film is its dialogue. In the theater I found myself wanting to leave after hearing one-liners over and over that for me just didn’t land well. And the poor visual effects kept stopping my immersion into the film. Toward the climax it becomes distracting and the final action scene looks fake, mainly in the background. I do have to give this film credit for having a lot of twists and turns—until halfway through the film I was engaged. All of the shocking twists kept me wanting more. Argylle might secretly be a work of genius simply based on its ending credits scene, which I won’t spoil.

The theme of Argylle is remembering who you are, and it is best represented by Elly Conway as she embarks on a journey through her old books to find parts of herself. I quite liked this aspect of the film because it really gives us a chance to know more about Elly Conway.

Overall, I give Argylle 2 out of 5 stars, and I recommend it for ages 12 to 18.  This film releases in theaters February 2, 2024.  Trailer:

Jurassic Quest Wraps SoCal Tour in Pomona, Costa Mesa

 Last chance to see North America’s most popular interactive dinosaur experience in the LA area this year! Jurassic Quest and its herd of photorealistic dinosaurs will end its 2024 SoCal migration at the Pomona Fairplex (Feb. 9-11) and the OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa (Feb. 23-25). Other SoCal stops have included Anaheim, Del Mar and Ventura.

New for 2024! Jurassic Quest has loaded up with more hands-on activities, education and fun for the whole family including our expanded herd of life-like moving and roaring dinosaurs, themed rides and attractions, live dinosaur shows, interactive science and art activities including a giant fossil dig, real fossils, a “Triceratots” soft play area for our littlest explorers, photo opportunities, a newly launched video tour featuring our star dinosaur trainers, and more! Brand new attractions include kids facing off with the notoriously fast Jurassic Quest Utahraptors for “Raptor Run” races, and “Rope-a-Raptor,” where  experienced “BrontoBusters” help kids lasso stray dinos to get them back to their pens.

TICKETS:  Advance online purchase recommended

KIDS,  ADULTS and SENIORS pricing available. General admission includes live shows, arts and crafts activities, and dinosaur exhibits. Tickets for individual activities available on-site. Free entry for children under 2. KIDS UNLIMITED TICKETS: Includes admission, all-you-can-ride access to dinosaur rides, inflatables, fossil dig, and more. 

Credit: Jurassic Quest.

Dinosaur Bowl: Our favorite Dinosaurs and their football counterpart

With pro football’s Big Game upcoming on Feb. 11, Jurassic Quest’s dinosaur experts Park Ranger Marty and Prehistoric Nick combine two family favorites – sports and dinosaurs! The dynamic dinosaur duo provides their expert analysis of what a football lineup would look like during the age of the dinosaurs by matching football position traits to dinosaur species characteristics. 

“Families of all ages come to Jurassic Quest every weekend because they love dinosaurs, and end up learning more about history and science,” said Park Ranger Marty. “Millions watch the Big Game every year, so we decided to have some fun, use our imagination, and combine the two experiences to teach everyone what traits certain dinosaurs were known for by comparing them to positions we are all familiar with on the football field.”

Jurassic Quest, North America’s most popular interactive dinosaur experience, visits three new cities each weekend with the biggest photorealistic dino herd on the continent. Check out when Jurassic Quest will visit your hometown and see some of these dinosaurs in action at Use code QUEST15 to save 15% on tickets when Jurassic Quest is in your area.

Quarterback – Troodon

Park Ranger Marty says: “The Troodon is thought to be the smartest of the dinosaurs. Fast with good eyesight to hunt for prey, the Troodon could be considered the best signal-caller of the Cretaceous period, as he can also hunt for the perfect receiver to throw the pigskin.”

Running Back – Pachycephalosaurus

Prehistoric Nick says: “With a built-in helmet on his head, the Pachycephalosaurus has only one goal: Move forward fast. This Cretaceous period dinosaur just lowers its head and feels sorry for anything that gets in its way. The Pachycephalosaurus is small, strong and determined. This is the one dinosaur I would want in my backfield to gain those tough yards, but also has breakaway speed.”

Wide Receiver – Ornithomimus

Park Ranger Marty says: “The Ornithomimus is thought to be the fastest dinosaur. No other dinosaur is going to be able to keep up with this long-legged runner. I don’t know how much of a ‘diva’ the Ornithomimus was, but I’m certain this dinosaur would be yelling, ‘I’m open!’ all day long.”

Offensive Lineman – Triceratops

Prehistoric Nick says: “The Triceratops is the dinosaur you want protecting your high-paid quarterback. At seven tons of stopping force, with three spikes on its head, seems like the right choice. Is that even fair?!?! The Triceratops was thought to be a fierce protector of its young, making them the perfect choice to protect the most important position on the field.”

Defensive Lineman – T-Rex

Prehistoric Nick says: “Is this even a debate? The T-Rex was a nine-ton killing machine. I’d put this dinosaur on the hunt for the opposing quarterback all day long. The T-Rex would not only sack the quarterback, it would ‘snack’ on him too.”

Linebacker – Utahraptors

Park Ranger Marty says: “Utahraptor is the largest in the raptor family. Imagine a velociraptor on steroids. It’s 1,100 pounds, but still very quick. It’s also pretty smart for a dinosaur. It will quickly read the offensive plays, and call them out to the defense.”

Defensive Back – Allosaurus

Prehistoric Nick says; “The Allosaurus is a little smaller, and a lot faster than the T.rex. Did something speedy sneak through your first line of defense? Well, they won’t get through your second. When you’re an Allosaurus, every running back and wide receiver just looks like dinner. And with smaller hands, I’m sure they too would have trouble intercepting passes.”

Home resources to entertain kids during the Big Game!

Find dinosaur fun at home anytime with Jurassic Quest’s virtual resources. Join the Jurassic Quest dino trainers for Dino Storytime, Science Sundays and more on our YouTube Channel. Families can access free craft activities, word searches, coloring pages and more HERE, as well as the extensive Jurassic Quest dino directory HERE. And, the Jurassic Quest theme song HERE is newly remastered with captions so families can sing along!


Loved by millions, only Jurassic Quest can bring families memories this BIG! Walk through 165 million years of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods to learn about the creatures that ruled on land. In addition to lifelike dinosaurs, Jurassic Quest’s classic experiences for the whole family include some of the largest rideable dinosaurs in North America, live dinosaur shows, interactive science and art activities including a fossil dig and real fossils like T.rex teeth, a triceratops horn and life-size dino skull, a “Triceratots” soft play area for our littlest explorers, bounce houses and inflatable attractions, photo opportunities, and more.

New for 2024! Jurassic Quest is bringing more hands-on activities, education and fun. This evolution, Jurassic Quest includes an expanded Excavation Station and more Jurassic-themed rides and inflatables. Even our animatronic herd has expanded to include fan favorites, the Utahraptor and Giganotosaurus. In addition to “The Quest,” a self-guided scavenger hunt style activity where budding paleontologists can become Jr. Dinosaur Trainers, Jurassic Quest has launched a new video tour that’s already getting “roaring good” reviews from families and features our star dino trainers: Safari Sarah, Dino Dustin, Prehistoric Nick and Park Ranger Marty (available onsite and on your phone via QR code)! All expanded activities are included with general admission.

The Jurassic Quest herd of animatronic dinos – from the largest predators to playful baby dinos – are displayed in realistic scenes with some that move and roar, allowing guests to experience them as they were when they roamed the earth millions of years ago. Jurassic Quest works in collaboration with leading paleontologists to ensure each dinosaur is painstakingly replicated in every detail, from coloration to teeth size, to textured skin, scales or feathers, drawing on the latest research about how we understand dinosaurs and ancient giants of the sea looked and moved. Meet the babies, hatched only at Jurassic Quest: Cammie the Camarasaurus, Tyson the T-Rex and Trixie the Triceratops.


Rubio’s Launches New Guajillo Lime Shrimp 

Photo Credit: Rubio’s

Starting February 7 and available for a limited time, Rubio’s Coastal Grill, home of The Original Fish Taco®, will launch new entrées featuring Guajillo Lime Shrimp. Guests can enjoy sustainably sourced shrimp marinated in a sweet and tangy guajillo lime seasoning in either a taco plate or a bowl. Fresh guajillo salsa, made with guajillo chiles, tomatillo, garlic and lime, will also debut seasonally at Rubio’s salsa bar.
Plus, the fan favorite, Rubio’s Puerto Nuevo Burrito featuring wild-caught Langostino Lobster, will return to the menu, also for a limited time.
All three entrées feature sustainable grilled seafood:

  • Guajillo Lime Shrimp Two Taco Plate: Sustainably sourced shrimp marinated in a guajillo lime seasoning, and topped with handmade guacamole, cilantro/onion, crisp cabbage, chipotle white sauce and a signature Salsa Guajillo made with guajillo chiles, tomatillo, jalapeños, garlic, onion and lime juice. Served on a warm flour tortilla and with a side of chips and “no-fried” pinto beans™.
  • Guajillo Lime Shrimp Bowl: Sustainably sourced shrimp marinated in a guajillo lime seasoning atop citrus rice, black beans and romaine lettuce with handmade guacamole, salsa fresca, chipotle white sauce, seasoned corn tortilla strips and a Salsa Guajillo made with guajillo chiles, tomatillo, jalapeños, garlic, onion and lime juice.
  • Puerto Nuevo Burrito: Sustainable, wild-caught Langostino Lobster, Mexican rice, pinto beans, drawn garlic butter, salsa fresca, chipotle picante and guacamole wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

Rubio’s has locations across California, Arizona and Nevada. Guests are encouraged to order through the Rubio’s app or For more information about Rubio’s Coastal Grill and to view the menu, visit Rubio’sFacebookInstagram and TikTok.

Credit: Rubio’s.