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Dino Dan: Dino Go Seek – Interesting Facts About Dinosaurs And Augmented Reality Technology


Join junior dinosaur expert, Trek Henderson as he imagines dinosaurs in the real world! During an indoor game of hide and seek with his friends and Grandma, Trek discovers that Microraptors use their natural abilities to hide with the best of them! Enjoy playing dino go seek and more dino game-filled adventures with Trek and friends! KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Carla P. comments, “I like the look of the animation, it looks very realistic according to what dinosaurs would have looked like.” Rohan F. adds, “I loved the variety of styles in this DVD so I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I also find it quite informational, so I recommend It for kids who love dinosaurs from ages 3 to 10.” See their full reviews below.

Dino Dan: Dino Go Seek
By Carla Paz, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12


I like this DVD because it teaches kids about dinosaurs. I like the look of the animation, it looks very realistic according to what dinosaurs would have looked like.

Dino Dan is about a boy named Trek who is fascinated with all things about dinosaurs. He teaches his friends facts related to dinosaurs.  In the story the dinosaurs help Trek with daily activities such as school and fun things like playing with his friends.  I also like how they help Trek on his adventures while Trek teaches us about dinosaurs.

For the animation of the dinosaurs it uses augmented reality technology, so it looks like real dinosaurs that actually existed.  In some occasions, the combination of animation and augmented reality looks a bit fake, but it’s not a big deal.

The actors are great, especially Trek (Trek Buccino). He looks and talks like he’s fascinated with the dinosaurs. I also like his grandma in the first episode. She is great at relating to the kids.

My favorite episode is the one where Trek talks about going to a science school with his friend and his friend’s dad. They talk about robots and how they are made. Trek teaches us about how dinosaurs are protective of their offspring. Trek takes us to a go-cart course where he talks about how fast certain dinosaurs are. The friends race the dinosaurs and learn a lesson about the tortoise and the hare.

I like learning about dinosaurs. They are a very important part of our history. The show tells us about a lot of dinosaurs that I didn’t know about before and presents interesting facts about the dinosaurs too.

I rate this show 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend this DVD to ages 3 to 8. This DVD is available now so, go check it out.

Dino Dan: Dino Go Seek
By Rohan Foxe, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 11


Dino Dan: Dino go Seek is a very educational DVD for young kids. It contains lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs. Unfortunately, there are lots of plot holes that left me wondering what was going on. I enjoyed the concepts of each episode, but found myself getting somewhat bored. Also, in the five episodes, the same dinosaurs are featured in four of them which I found very repetitive. They don’t really change the facts up, so basically three episodes tell the same thing in different ways.

This DVD is a compilation of five episodes that aired on Nick Jr. including Dino Go Seek, Train of Dino’s, Robots & Dino’s, Dino Clash and Dino Racing. In Dino Go Seek, Trek learns about dinosaurs during a game of hide and seek. In Train of Dino’s, Trek incorporates dinosaurs into his friend Penelope‘s train set. In Robots & Dino’s, Trek helps protect a Dromaeosaurs egg using his friend Bobby’s robots. Dino Racing is about Trek and his friends having imaginary races between humans and dinosaurs. Finally, Dino Clash Is about Trek and Bobby playing a game and learning about dinosaurs and teamwork.

I really enjoyed how they used CGI dinosaurs over video footage. I couldn’t tell if his friends knew he could see dinosaurs or not because in some episodes they talk about it to him and in others they are wishing there were dinosaurs.  My favorite episode is Train of Dino’s because, it not only uses the usual CGI over video, it also uses stop motion animation in the form of the train set people moving. This is very creative and I love the variety.

The main character Trek is played by Trek Buccino.  Jordyn Nergri plays Hannah. Katherine Forrester plays Penelope. Bobby is played by Colin Petierre. His brilliant facial expressions are one of my favorite things. Each episode has its own moral. The clearest message ii in Dino Clash. It is about teamwork because, in the end they have to work together to get to the finish line.

I loved the variety of styles in this DVD so I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I also find it quite informational, so I recommend It for kids who love dinosaurs from ages 3 to 10. I also think parents will probably enjoy watching this with their younger children. It’s available on DVD now, so go check it out.





Celebrate Mother’s Day Weekend at Dana Point Harbor Spend May 13 – 14 at Dana Point Harbor to enjoy whale watching excursions, dining, shopping, sailing, and more.

Dana Point Harbor (2)

The County of Orange, OC Parks, and Dana Point Harbor invite families to spend Mother’s Day weekend enjoying ocean activities, delicious dining and more at Dana Point Harbor. The weekend of May 13 – 14 will welcome a calendar of special activities including an art sale, trunk show, brunch menus and marine events.


Known as the “Whale Capital of the West,” Dana Point Harbor is home to many marine activities perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day. Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching offers excursions daily. All Dana Wharf whale watching cruises on May 14 will offer moms a complimentary “MOMosa” or glass of champagne. Additional whale watching excursions are available from the Ocean Institute and Captain Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari. Parasailing and sailing activities are also available in the harbor.

Dana Point Harbor features a variety of signature dining options for Mother’s Day weekend. Waterman’s Harbor will offer a Mother’s Day buffet overlooking Dana Point Harbor from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Families can enjoy dining at the many eateries at the harbor including Wind & Sea, El Torito, Proud Mary’s, The Brigg, Harbor Grill, Gemmell’s Restaurant, Harpoon Henry’s, Harbor Deli, Coffee Importers & Deli, and more.

Mother’s Day weekend is the perfect time to enjoy shopping in Dana Point Harbor during the weekend-long Mother’s Day Fine Art Show from 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. under the outdoor pergola. The White Pelican Gallery will be hosting a trunk show featuring the designs of David Rosales from May 6 – 14.

Celebrate Mother’s Day weekend at Dana Point Harbor and experience the ultimate springtime adventure. For more information visit


Credit: OC Parks.


Looking for an Unique Gift idea for a Child? HOOT for Kids is something different!


Nowadays you can customize almost anything – pizza, jewelry, phone cases, you name it! But have you ever heard of customizing your own box of toys?

Born out of the belief that toys foster growth and developed by a team of pediatric occupational therapists, HOOT for Kids (which stands for Hands on Occupational Therapy) curates a customized treasure box filled with toys hand-picked based on your child’s age and developmental learning needs.

I had the opportunity to check this out and select a box for a friend’s daughter. My son is too old now that he is a teenager. I really was impressed with how easy this is to customize and order online and the variety of products that are included in the box. They have a variety of brand partners such as Brio and Gund. What I really thought was fantastic was that the Treasure Box included toys and also innovative ways to utilize the toys with fun activities that challenge and stimulate your child. I really haven’t quite seen a subscription box like this before!

There are 3 or more toys in each Treasure box and there is also a Newborn Box that you can order. You can see the different subscription options here. This really would make a great gift for that special young child in your life!


Self Disclosure: I received a free sample box to facilitate this post.