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Get Your Family Organized with House Monkey! Giveaway Opportunity!

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Looking for a way to become more organized? As a busy mom, I know being organized isn’t always the easiest of tasks! So, I was quite thrilled with learning about House Monkey by SciMar Technologies . What is House Monkey?  It is a subscription-based home management solution (mobile app plus web-based tool)  designed to bring your entire tribe (the people living in your home) together to organize, schedule and complete everyday chores, like making the bed, as well as home maintenance tasks, such as changing air filters. You simply download the app on your phone and you can also login on your computer after downloading the app.

It is super easy to sign up on the app and I like that you can name your house and tribe. I tried it out for a week and it really is a great way to keep the family organized.  The app is the on-the-go, day to day platform that puts your tribe in the know and on the same page. It allows easy, one-step communication directly from the House Monkey platform. You can view or schedule daily chores, tasks, activities and events, record or view a how-to video for a task at a specific location in your home with the Monkey-See, Monkey-Do feature as well as earn banana points to get rewards.

My favorite thing about this app is that it does involve the whole family and it does make the day-to-day tasks easier to accomplish which allows for more family time! My son and I have annual passes to a favorite amusement park and he likes that I can set going as one of the Banana Rewards.

The web-based tool is a password protected, cloud-based platform that stores and manages your data and is integrated with the mobile app. You can view, export and print reports such as appliance and utility maintenance records, tasks & chore calendars and rewards or your House Monkey Home Rating.  The platform also allows users to scan in PDF’s of contracts, warranties, receipts etc. and archives data-heavy video and pictures.

I absolutely love that this app can store important data and that I can easily have it in one place when needed. It make life just a little easier!

As a mom of a ‘tween ( he prefers Teen but he is 12-years-old), I am finding that this app is very helpful in setting chores. It is a more fun way to approach the entire concept of doing chores and helping to be part of managing a household. Yes, I admit, my son’s favorite thing is the rewards but he also knows that the tasks need to be completed to earn the rewards.

House Monkey has two key features that helps parents involve children in household management.  Monkey See- Monkey Do allows users to take photos or video’s, in their own house, demonstrating how-to-do chores.  Dependent upon family’s core beliefs, an optional feature called Banana points allows parents to reward individuals or the whole family when chores and tasks are completed.

I really like the Monkey See-Monkey Do because I can take photos and the Banana points makes this more fun for my son.

House Monkey offers a 30-day free trial. After that, a year subscription is just $28.99 per year. That is around $2.40 a month, giving families a cost-efficient way to organize and manage their households, freeing up more time for your family.

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For more information, and to sign up for your 30-day FREE trial, please visit:


You can download the app in the Google Play or Apple App Store.


We have teamed up for a giveaway of a year’s subscription to House Monkey! To enter, leave us a comment below telling us how you think House Monkey would be the most helpful for you and your family! Deadline to enter is April 15th, 2016 at noon PST. One winner will randomly be selected via

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About SciMar Technologies

SciMar Technologies is a data analytics company headquartered in Allentown, New Jersey.  SciMar Technologies acquired its proprietary business intelligence and analytics tools in January 2014 from its sister company, SciMar Solutions, LLC, founded in 2003 and renamed SciMar ONE, LLC in 2014.  Over the last thirteen years, SciMar has successfully helped healthcare clients develop scientific communications.  SciMar expanded in 2014 by forming a consumer division called SciMar Technologies to help families efficiently organize and manage their households through its proprietary technology.  For more information on SciMar Technologies, please visit www.scimartechnologies.coa

Self Disclosure: I received a free subscription for review purposes and this is a compensated post. Any opinions expressed are my own and I highly recommend this app. Photo images were provided courtesy of House Monkey.