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Aleratec Universal Splash Water-resistant Pouch IPX4 with Speaker for iPad Mini and 7″ Android Tablet


I have been using this with my Kindle and I love that I can now read in the bath without worrying about dropping my Kindle. I actually placed it in water and it really does keep the water out. I also tried it with my son’s mini iPad and it worked great too! I love that it includes speakers and I am very impressed with this product. It really does work better than many other water-resistant products that I have tried in the past.


This product is being sold on Amazon and currently retails for $22.99.


  • Protects iPad Mini and up to 7″ Android tablets from water damage
  • Includes a powered speaker for outdoor entertainment
  • IPX4 Water-resistant rating
  • Internal size: App. 5.51in x 7.87in x 0.39in / 140mm x 200mm x 10mm
  • Product size: App. 6.37in x 9.44in x 0.78 / 162mm x 240mm x 20mm


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Self Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for an unbiased review.


AW Fashion’s Marines Front Logo Men’s T-Shirt- The Few, The Proud.


This t-shirt would make a great gift for a Marine in your life. I have a brother who is in the Marines and I am looking forward to giving him this shirt as a gift. He is currently out of the country so I had my husband also check this out for me. He says it seems true to size and he likes the quality of the fabric. It really is a nice quality shirt and the ink/graphics do not look like they will easily fade. It looks like a soft and comfy shirt too.


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I received this product for free or discounted in exchange for an unbiased review.