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Whiplash Pink Eyelash Curler from Crave Naturals Sold on


I have to admit that I was slightly worried about trying these out after I read a couple of the reviews. As it is, I don’t often use an Eyelash curler. But, this was easy to use and it didn’t pinch my eyelashes. It worked well for me and the curl lasts for the day when I use it. I also like that there is a lifetime guarantee, although I don’t think I will be needing to return it. I love that it also comes with replacement pads. It works better than the other Eyelash Curlers I have tried and of course, since pink is my favorite color, I love that it is pink! You can find it on by Crave Naturals.

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Shandali Stickyfiber Hot Yoga Towel is a Must-Have for Hot Yoga!


I love the Shandali Hot Yoga Towel because it fits on my yoga mat perfectly! It is lightweight and prevents me from slipping off my mat. That is an accomplishment since I am new to Hot Yoga classes! I also like that it is very soft and ultra-absorbent. It is also easy to clean since you can just throw it into the washer and dryer. It is also quick drying and is a Must-Have for those who like Hot Yoga classes. I have to admit that I really am quite impressed with this towel! It works really well and my favorite thing about it is that it does prevent slipping.  Check it out on

Self Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.


iLatch is designed for the whole family!


Looking for a way to protect your iPad and keep it safe from the smallest of hands? Or how about a way to use your iPad in the kitchen safely and easily? The iLatch by  Grizas  is the answer! I like that the iPad Case is easy to use and very easy to clean! It’s not only for kids but great for Mom and Dad too! I like that my 10 year old son can use it but it would also be great to hang up and keep away from very young children. You can hang it practically anywhere! It’s great on the back of the seat in the car and I love hanging it up in the kitchen to use to read and follow a recipe while cooking. Actually, that is my favorite way to use it! But, you can also remove the hooks and I like that it gives the iPad extra protection. I like that it has a soft leather case with removable hooks and it fits perfectly on our iPad 2. It’s really a quite handy product and a Must-Have for parents!

You can find it on
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Sexy Grooming Tips For Your Husband or Boyfriend, Straight From Jon Hamm’s Groomer! Jon Hamm 2014 Emmy Awards Nominee for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Mad Men: John Hamm as Don Draper August 25, 2014 Groomed by Diana Schmidtke for RéVive Skincare



“The grooming process happens rather quickly and speed is of the essence. The most important step is for the man to have healthy, fresh and moisturized skin. When the skin looks flawless, there is little need for makeup. I first cleaned his skin using RéVive Cream Cleanser, ($75) and then toned it with RéVive Balancing Toner ($65).”



“All men love the application of moisturizers and skincare. It feels nice, like a mini little facial. Other than that it’s pretty basic. You have to be fast with men. No man likes to sit in your chair for hours. I applied RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream, ($195) all over his face and neck. Beard or no beard, you must still cleanse and moisturize the face.”



“I always use RéVive Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum, ($350) on my clients. The eye serum drastically helps tired eyes; it improves the delicate skin under and around eyes, leaving them refreshed!”



“Red carpet or no red carpet, every man needs to be caring for his skin on a daily basis. This includes on the most basic level: cleansing the face morning and night, toning the skin, moisturizing the skin and daily application of serums, eye creams and SPF.”



“Using my beard trimmer, I remove stray hairs and create the perfect length and shape based off of their own face shape. For red-carpet looks, I always wet shave the neck area to create the perfect lines rather than leaving the beard to grow out on its own. Beards require some maintenance in order for them to look red-carpet friendly.”



“All hair products were by American Crew:  Alternator and Firm Hold Styling Gel. I used Alternator to wet the hair. I blow-dried using my fingers for the sides and back of the hair. On top, I used a medium size round brush taking random sections to create shine and a little extra volume. I blow dried the hair back and away from the face. I finished by applying American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel through the hair for an all-day hold and effortless groomed perfect looking hair.”



“From start to finish, the grooming process takes about 30 minutes. 15 minutes for hair, 15 minutes for skin. If I need to trim or cut the hair we add another 30-45 minutes and I would start with the cut. When no cut is involved, I start with hydrating and caring for the skin. Once skincare is finished, I move on to the hair look. Once the hair is complete, I take another look at the face, use concealers if needed, lip balm, and a little anti-shine. For all my clients, I like to use as little makeup as possible which is exactly why skincare products matter most to me.”



“Men in Hollywood take great care of their skin. They are surrounded by specialists who educate them on the importance of proper skincare. Révive is at the top of my list because it is truly a complete line of skincare products created for both men and women. It was developed by Harvard graduate Dr. Gregory Bays Brown and utilizes the most cutting edge science and technology to regenerate the appearance of healthy, youthful, perfectly hydrated looking skin. It is a fact that our skin changes as we age. What is required of a 20 year old to achieve great looking skin will be much different than a 30 or 40 year old. This applies to both men and women.”

image002   image004

We received a sample of the RéVive Cream Cleanser, ($75) and this is a hit! I had to try it and love how it feels on my skin and it even smells great! My husband and I both love this one so it won’t be lasting very long in our house! 

Self Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate this feature. Photo Credit: REVIVE.

Tweezers Slant Tip Stainless Steel – Precisio by Crave Naturals Found on


I received the Crave Naturals Tweezers from Crave Naturals in exchange for an honest review. First off, the packaging is really cute and would make a great gift or a stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season! The tweezers themselves are high quality and seem like they will last a long time. I like that they are slanted and they work quite well. They are sharp and it is easy to get those stray little eyebrow hairs. They really make shaping eyebrows much easier and this is a task that is not a favorite of mine! They will also be great for when you get a splinter. I recently had one before buying these tweezers and the tweezers I had didn’t work well. I imagine these would do the trick and quite easily. I also like that these have a lifetime guarantee. These are a Must-Have! You can find them on

Self Disclosure: I received these for $1 in exchange for an honest review on Amazon and SoCal City Kids and all opinions expressed are honest and truthful.