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Amy’s for the Family! NEW Family Size Entrees!

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If you’re looking for great home-made taste dinners without doing the home-made preparing and cooking, then Amy’s Family Size Entrees are perfect for the Summer (or anytime)! My family tried the Cheese Enchilada and the Mexican Casserole and they were both hits in my house! My favorite is the Cheese Enchilada! I love how the enchiladas taste so fresh! Even my husband loved the enchiladas! The entree is just perfect for a family of 3 or 4. There are also other Entrees available: Thai Red Curry, Macaroni & Cheese, Broccoli Cheddar Bake and Vegetable Lasagna. You can find them at Target & Safeway locations.

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Self Disclosure: I received free coupons to purchase these products to facilitate this feature but any opinions expressed are truthful. Photo Credit: Amy’s.

My Job Chart Teaches Children the Importance of Managing their Allowance Online and mobile job chart allows children to learn financial fundamentals, helps parents track when jobs are completed and rewards have been earned


Chores are nothing new in the American household. Whether parents use them as a tool to teach children responsibility, cleanliness or finances, giving children chores on a regular basis can help provide the necessary skills for survival later in life.


My Job Chart is a free, easy to use online and mobile chore chart that teaches children the importance of money management, organization and motivation. Parents can easily create various jobs for their child to complete such as cleaning the dishes or making the bed and assign custom amounts of reward points to each task.


Depending on what the chore is and how many they complete, children can win family rewards such as a camping trip or making cookies, custom rewards that are tailored to a child’s wants and needs, or set up retail rewards where children can work toward earning a purchased item from Amazon with the allowance they have earned. Parents receive instant notifications by email or text message when a child marks a chore completed, and are alerted when a reward is earned.


My Job Chart also allows children to earn money to deposit in a savings account or donate their hard earned allowance to various charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project or United Way.  Parents can set up free savings accounts for their children at their bank of choice through My Job Chart and access options for donating to charities on the My Job Chart website.


Designed to make kids excited to earn and spend responsibly, My Job Chart makes washing the dog, making the bed and cleaning out the garage a fun learning experience that prepares children for the real world with financial insight and responsibility.


My Job Chart can be used online or through Apple and Android mobile applications, allowing parents and kids the opportunity to save, share and spend from anywhere. For more information, please visit


About My Job Chart

My Job Chart, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a free, easy to use, online and mobile job chart and reward system designed to teach, organize and motivate kids to earn, save, share and spend responsibly. From washing the car to making a bed, and from doing the dishes to picking up clothes, kids can now earn an allowance and learn how to make financial decisions.

Self Disclosure: No compensation was received. Credit: My Job Chart.