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Schism: The Battle For Darracia by Michael Phillip Cash


Although this may not be the usual genre that I would select to read, I found this to be a great read! The story is action-packed! It is a tad bit violent at moments but most science fiction with battles are. What I liked was that this was more than just a battle between good and evil! This story is an engaging one about a kingdom on another planet. The King marries a woman who is not in the same race. She is not Darracia and is Planta. Those who can’t accept this, can’t accept change and are set in the old ways. Unfortunately, one of those is none other than the own King’s brother. *Schism means a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief.* Cash could not have chosen a better title to fit this book. He weaves this story with great imagination and it engaged me from beginning to ending. His descriptions and characters are so well done that I felt myself rooting for good to win over evil. Back to the story- the King of Darracia and his wife, the Queen have a son, who of course, has traits from both of his parents. Prince V’Sair is the young son who is half Darracia and half Planta. He really is the best of both although he feels inferior and is angry especially because he has not been told the secrets of the elements. What? Elements? I don’t want to give away the entire plot but the elements teach valuable lessons. The boy’s Uncle and his wife decide to attempt to take over the kingdom and there is a battle. Can Prince V’Sair save the day, so to speak? He is young but he may just do it with some help, of course! You will have to read the book to find out! I actually couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it. This turned out to be one of my favorite books by Micheal Phillip Cash and I am looking forward to Schism: Book ll.
Self Disclosure: I received this book for free to review but all opinions expressed are truthful. This is not a children’s recommended book.

Deep Thoughts From A Hollywood Blonde by Jennie Garth The actress opens up for the first time about the behind-the-scenes stories from 90210, her relationships with other cast members, and her life as a single mom

Jennie Garth Final Cover

In her first book, Garth explores the highs and lows of her sometimes tumultuous life in Hollywood, both in front of the cameras and behind the closed doors of her personal life, sharing the joys and challenges of balancing motherhood, love, and life in the spotlight.  In Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde, the actress opens up for the first time about the behind-the-scenes stories from 90210, her relationships with other cast members, and her recent divorce.


Jennie Garth skyrocketed to fame as Kelly Taylor on Aaron Spelling’s hit television show Beverly Hills, 90210 after being discovered by a talent manager in Glendale, Arizona as a teenager.  Though barely old enough to drive, she was thrust into the world of red carpets, paparazzi, and business meetings with casting directors, producers, and directors where the stakes always seemed unimaginably high.


For ten years, Garth starred on one of the most iconic shows on television, experiencing the ups and downs of celebrity, securing her place in the hearts of America. After a few years spent focusing on her family, Garth found herself facing the age of forty from a vantage point she never imagined: as a single mom, in-demand actress, and tabloid favorite.


Garth said, “The past few years have been full of changes. Now I’m on my own with my three kids, and I just crossed that tricky invisible line into my forties. Maybe because of all these things or maybe despite them, I feel like another chapter in my life is just beginning.  This book is my story about where I’ve been and where I’m headed—and what I’ve learned along the way.”

Intimate and candid, Deep Thoughts from a Hollywood Blonde takes readers on a revealing and often humorous journey, illuminating the real Jennie Garth for the first time – smart, funny, and stronger than she ever realized.

 We have teamed up for a Giveaway! One winner will win this new book! Just released this month! To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us your favorite 90201 character. If you didn’t watch the show, then simply tell us why you would like to read the book! Deadline to enter is March 8th, 2014 at midnight. One winner will randomly be selected from all entries.

Self Disclosure: I have not yet received or reviewed this book.