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Summer with mark. Summer Must-Haves for Mom!

get_a_tint got the goods

Summer is almost here! Looking for some wonderful skin products to get you through the season? Mark. has you covered! It’s been difficult for me to find coverage that is light-weight yet perfect for days at the beach. Get a Tint Tinted Moisturizer Lotion with SPF 15 has amazing lightweight coverage that is just perfect for days at the beach! It’s also oil-free and gives your face just the right amount of color to even out skin tone and give your face a healthy glow. 1.6 fl. oz. retails for $12.00. A great foundation lotion that can be used every day is the Got the Goods Multi-Benefit Foundation Lotion SPF 15. I love this one! This one contains orange and lemon extracts and other healthy ingredients. Formulated with super fruits and super food! SPF 15 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. What more could you want? Retails for $18.00.

For Goodness Face- high res

My favorite is for goodness face. This one is is an Antioxidant Lotion SPF 30 and is my favorite for the summer! It is an oil-free moisturizer that helps protect the skin. This one is made with a powerful antioxidant combo of dark chocolate, blueberry extract, lemon fruit, European herb extract and Canadian willow herb extract. I love how it feels on my skin and that it provides SPF 30! Retails for $18.00.

You can find all these Summer-Must-Haves at meet mark.

Self Disclosure: I received these products to review but any opinions are my own.






Balloon Trees Written by Danna Smith Illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein and found at Sylvan Dell Publishing


How could a tree make a balloon?

Balloons do come from trees-rubber trees. Told in rhyme, the story follows the wide variety of steps involved in making the air-filled decorations we all know and love. Starting with the tapping of the rubber tree, the ship that carries the liquid rubber to the factory, and the manufacturing process itself; readers will learn just how that latex balloon arrived at his or her house. This delightful, fun-to-read-aloud story is sure to give readers a new appreciation for balloons. Great for ages 3-8! My son and I enjoyed this book and my 9-year-old son said it was very interesting! Teachers and parents will love the educational section at the end of the book. You can find this book and many other fun and educational books at Sylvan Dell Publishing.

Self Disclosure: I received this book to review.

Olay Mild Make-up Remover Cloths A Mom-Must-Have this Summer!


Sometimes cleaning your face quickly is important especially in the Summer when you are on the go! Olay’s Clean & Mild Make-up Remover Cloths are a must-have this summer! They are gentle and can be used every day. One of the main ingredients is Aloe Vera and the cloths gently remove make-up. I love that even water-proof mascara comes off quickly and easily! After I use this product my skin is left feeling clean and soft. Retail price app. $3.97 and can be found online at Walmart and at retail stores nationwide where Olay products are sold.

Self Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review but any opinions are my own.