Queen Mary’s ScotsFestival & International Highland Games XXV Celebrates 25th Anniversary Feb. 17-18 Festival Tickets on Sale NOW at QueenMary.com

The Queen Mary is pleased to welcome back the annual ScotsFestival & International Highland Games XXV on February 17-18, 2018. Celebrate 25 years of the annual event and experience the rich culture and history of Scotland first hand through an array of authentic activities, athletics, dancing, entertainment, drinks and cuisine all in ode to the Queen Mary’s Scottish legacy.

Eighty-eight years ago, in the quaint seaside town of Clydebank, Scotland, construction on the Queen Mary began. Exemplifying the finest craftsmanship of the country, the Queen Mary’s legacy is undeniable and today the ship’s heritage is celebrated through the two-day ScotsFestival honoring Scottish culture.

The 25th Anniversary of the Queen Mary’s ScotsFestival and International Highland Games will honor nearly fifty Scottish clans & vendors throughout the festival weekend with professional and amateur competitions in darts, piping, drumming, massed bands, Highland dancing, and Highland athletics. The Scottish Highland Games, a pre-cursor to today’s Olympic Games, was designed to test the strength, skill and technique of ancient warriors by face offs.

Kick-off ScotsFestival weekend at the festival’s all-new pop-up Greyfrair’s Pub on Friday, February 16 from 7 p.m. – 1 a.m. on board the legendary ocean liner. Keep cozy into the wee hours of the night at the pop-up pub with authentic food, a full bar, and an amazing atmosphere. Begin your festivities for the Queen Mary’s ScotsFestival with the traditional Address to the Haggis at 11 a.m. in the Exhibit Hall where the Queen Mary’s Executive Chef Todd will serve and cut Haggis in honor of the customary Scottish cultural celebration. Following the Address to Haggis, at 12 p.m. attendees will gather for the exciting and breathtaking Grand Parade of Clans & Bands.

Daily festivities include Border Collie sheep-herding, firing demonstrations, performances by the Royal Scots Greys Calvary, LA and OC Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, and many more historic reenactments. Special for the 25th Annual ScotsFestival, the all-new Birds of Prey Show will offer attendees the opportunity to take photos with and learn the history of falconry in Scotland. With three shows offered daily, experience the beauty of falcons, owls, and hawks first hand in this one-of-a-kind Scottish entertainment.

Continue the fun into the night from 7 p.m. – 1 a.m. with the Ceilihd on Saturday, February 17. Grab a pint and experience the traditional clans’ celebration with games, live music, food, drinks, dancing, and more. Tickets to the Ceilihd are $10 online and the event is open to all ages.

The Queen Mary’s ScotsFestival hosts World Champion Scottish Highland Dancers and many internationally acclaimed and award winning athletes competing for titles in stones, hammer throw, weights for distance, weight over bar, sheaf and the famed caber toss.

Whisky and scotch tasting sessions with aged malt experts are available for adult festival goers ($18) and well-known Chef McBride will demo authentic Celtic Cuisine in the Culinary Corner. The wee laddies and lassies can bear witness to Queen Mary’s knighting and coronation ceremonies, and even take part in the Wee Highland Games including youth competitions in caber toss, archery, potato sack races and tug o’ war. Adults can join in the amateur competition fun with activities like the all-new Adult Castle Obstacle Course where partakers can push through, crawl through, climb, and slide through an inflatable castle for the chance to win exciting prizes.

Tickets to the 25th Annual ScotsFestival and International Highlands Games are on sale now and start at $25 online (ages 12+) and $12 online (ages 4-11) for one day general admission. VIP tickets start at $45 online and includes VIP entry, access to shaded VIP Lounge, (1) drink ticket, and access to Ceilihd. Upgrades, ticket add-ons, and hotel packages will also be available. Discounts are available to military and seniors. Visit http://queenmary.com/events/scotsfestival/ for more details and to purchase tickets online.

Credit: The Queen Mary.

Will My Letters to My Favorite TV Show Ever Get Read?

It’s easy to get attached to your favorite TV show, and if you’re the more creative type, you can probably feel many ideas rushing to your head every time a new episode comes on. Or you might simply reach out and say hi to the people who’ve made this come to life. While it can seem easy to get in touch with the showrunners, getting a reply is often something kids brag about and cherish as a special moment, and for a good reason – it’s surprisingly hard to ensure that your messages will actually go through!

Try Social Media

This one should be obvious, but it’s surprisingly commonly forgotten. You can try reaching out to your favourite actors on their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts – if the show is popular enough, chances are they will be quite active on at least one or two of those networks. On the other hand, popularity can actually work against you sometimes, as if they are getting too many messages on a regular basis, it might be hard for them to get back to you specifically.

A More Personal Message

If you want to say something more personal and deeper to someone specific, you can use a business email finder service such as The Email Finder to look up their e-mail address if it is connected to a business domain (which it might if they are with a TV network or their agent is high-profile). You can then write to them. Be careful though, if the person doesn’t want to be contacted like that, this might actually backfire and get you in trouble!

As long as you’re polite and reasonable though, this should be no problem, and you might even make a few new friends that way. Just don’t overdo it, and remember that actors are also people with busy lives, and you wouldn’t want to take away from their productivity, right?

Does Regular Mail Still Work?

There’s also an option that some people consider forgotten, but it’s actually still surprisingly viable. Sending a good old letter can work very well in some cases, especially if the person enjoys that kind of gesture in the first place. Sadly, sometimes the address of the studio is all you’ll have, and you’ll need to be careful to ensure that the message reaches the right person.

As long as you take your time researching this though – and that shouldn’t be hard with the help of the Internet – you can get to write a more personalized, colorful message that will surely be received more warmly! Some people have even managed to become regular pen pals with their favorite actors and actresses, and you never know when you might end up lucky in this regard yourself!

It’s greater than ever to be a fan of something today, and if you want to get in touch with those who’ve made your favorite show possible, you have plenty of opportunities for that. All you need is a little creativity, and the ability to find the contact details of the people relevant to your interests – and the rest comes down to being a true fan.


Teaching your teens about the benefits of the Internet

Teenagers now are coping with a world where everyone is connected and everyone has an online presence. Even from an early age, children of all ages are exposed to the wild west of the internet, and it’s important that they are taught the potential dangers they may encounter whilst browsing their favorite sites. Obviously, you want them to feel safe whilst online, but it’s important that you also teach them about the many benefits that the internet can provide them with, and offer advice on how to manage their online lives. While there are concerns for teens exposed to the realities of the online landscape, there are also many reasons to make sure that they take advantage of the many positive aspects of it as well.


Don’t frighten them off


The internet can be a scary place for the uninitiated, and although online safety should be taught as soon as your teens are even considering their first Facebook account, there are plenty of reasons why you should encourage them to use the available resources. Despite its dangers, the internet is a vast source of information, and can help with homework and life advice no matter your child’s age. Even though safety is a priority, don’t scare them off or persuade them to not take advantage of the help they can find for homework assignments or as a creative outlet.


Stress the importance of their online footprint


Just as a business has to brand itself in order to stand out from the competition, so should your teen be considering their future. With the future of the job market more unpredictable than any previous generation has encountered, it is more important than ever that your child learns some basic netiquette rules so that their time online is not going to damage their prospects.


Set them up with key skills


While many parents are dubious about how much time their child spends on the internet, it’s vital that you understand the benefits of the online community far out-weigh the bad. Learning online skills is important nowadays, as digital marketing, writing and even management are becoming more digitalized each and every day. If you have a business, then teach your child the skills you need. For instance, SEO is an important part of business now, so teaching your child about Managed SEO, content marketing and link building can aid them. It can be a great way to explore your child’s interests, and whether they teach themselves code and build a site from scratch, or use the services of sites like WordPress or Wix, they will be learning key skills that will benefit their education and future employment prospects.


It’s all too easy to read the scare stories and convince ourselves that the best way to protect our children is by not allowing them to explore the internet. However, as parents we need to ensure that the next generation takes full advantage of every opportunity, and the sheer scale of usefulness that the internet has to offer can make the difference to your child’s future.



Four Tips for Planning the Best Camping Vacation with Friends

If you’re hoping to go on a successful and memorable camping trip with family or friends, then getting it right is all in the planning. The more effort that you put into planning every detail, the smoother your trip is likely to go – although it’s good to remember that some amount of spontaneity isn’t always a bad thing when camping! We’ve put together some top tips on what you need to prepare for a fun-filled camping trip with those closest to you.

Tip #1. Location is Key:

Before you can delve into planning the camping trip of a lifetime, it’s important to decide on a suitable location. When it comes to choosing your destination, it’s best to first start with a list of the things that you’d like to do during your trip. For example, hilly, green areas tend to be best for activities such as hiking, hunting is a sport that tends to be popular in forest-dense areas, while those who want to have fun with watersports are best choosing a location that’s close to the sea, a river, or a lake. Create a list of everything that’s going to be important for you and your group while camping to help narrow your potential destinations down.

Tip #2. Scope Out the Best Campsites:

Once you’ve decided which lovely destination you are going to be visiting, it’s time to start looking at the campsites on offer. In some instances, there may not be very many to choose from, however, if you’re hoping to visit an area that is popular with campers, you can expect to have to do some research before finding a suitable place to stay. Think of the main things that you need from a campsite – for example, if you’re planning to stay a while, then shower rooms may be an essential.

Tip #3. Get the Right Gear:

The last thing that you want is to turn up at the campsite with a tent that won’t stay up and sleeping bags that aren’t keeping you warm at night. Investing in high-quality camping gear is a must for anybody who wants to have a good time. If you’re unsure as to whether you’ll be going camping again afterward, then you might want to consider second-hand items or even camping gear rentals. However, if you want to invest in gear that you can use over and over again for more camping trips in the future, be sure to purchase from a reputable retailer such as Woodbury Outfitters.

Tip #4. Pack for All Weather:

Even if the weather is forecast to be sunny for the duration of your trip, don’t forget that things can change at the last minute and the last thing you want is to be caught in a sudden shower without waterproof and warm clothing. Packing a waterproof coat, thick socks, and warm clothing is a must for unexpected weather changes and staying warm at night.

If you enjoyed these tips, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Family Entertainment Ideas For The Weekend

Everyone loves weekends. They are a good way to relax, take a break from work and spend quality time with our close ones. Even though everyone is excited for the weekend, not many people seem to make plans. It is good to be spontaneous, but every now and then it is nice to know that you have something to look forward to. Weekends allow you to spend time with your family and create nice memories together. You don’t necessarily need to do something spectacular every single weekend, but your kids will definitely appreciate your effort to plan something special.

There are a lot of entertainment ideas for the weekend, and there are so many places and people around. All you need to do is find the right time, place and the perfect people to have fun with. Here are just a few entertainment ideas for families.

Visit the Zoo

Kids absolutely love animals. No matter where you live, there must be a zoo close by. This is a simple and cheap entertainment idea for the weekend. The local zoo is a fascinating place where your kids can learn facts about animals, see how they live in nature and have a great time together. If you’re going to visit the zoo during the summer you need to make sure your children are dressed appropriately and have lots of water to drink so that they can stay hydrated.

Explore Nature

Families who wish to have fun over the weekend without spending too much money could go on a picnic. This is a nice way of spending time in nature and playing different games as a family. You can pack different snacks, toys and even a kite. If you live near the beach, you could organize a nice getaway under the sun. You can build sandcastles and play in the sea or eat ice-cream while relaxing in the shade. Camping or hiking can be included in the same category.

Try Something New

Having fun as a family does not always mean inviting friends over and having a barbeque in the garden. Entertainment can take many shapes or forms. For example, going to the library and lending books or cleaning out the garage can also be entertaining and productive ways of having fun. Watching sports, such as football or a tennis match is another good alternative for families. Kids love trying out new things for the first time, and these days you can purchase tickets US Open online. You can find different sales and your tickets are usually delivered before the event.

Bake Something Delicious

Everyone loves cake, especially kids. Preparing cookies on a rainy day gives you the opportunity to have a good time as a family while baking something delicious. The good thing is that you can choose different flavors. If you bake too many cookies, you can share them with your neighbors. They will definitely appreciate your sweet treats. You can even take pictures of your masterpieces and stick them in the family photo album. This is a good way of remembering good times together as a family.

Entertainment can be defined in so many ways. The main idea consists of having fun and willing to experience new things,

Miguel’s Jr. Officially Opened its First Redefined Drive-Thru Concept in Norco, January 18th

On Thursday, January 18, Miguel’s Jr. President and CEO Javier Vasquez and founders Mike and Mary Vasquez hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony and free lunch for the public to officially open the brand’s newest concept and 18th location in Norco, CA. Marking Norco’s 2nd Miguel’s Jr. restaurant, the newest location is the first of the brand’s redefined drive-thru concepts, serving as a test location for future expansion plans.

Norco Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board, Jesus Martinez, Corona Chamber of Commerce President, Bobby Spiegel; City of Norco Mayor Ted Hoffman, and City of Corona Mayor Karen Spiegel attended the festivities to welcome the new homestyle California Mexican food destination, a brand that already plays a great role in the community’s dining culture.

“It’s wonderful to see Miguel’s Jr. expanding its brand in our own backyard,” stated Jesus Martinez, Chairman of the Board for Norco Chamber of Commerce, “The company has played an essential role in our community over the last 45 years and we’re thrilled to see the beginning of new concepts and continued success.”

The new retail strategy is focused on speed of service and order accuracy. Located in the Norco Village Shopping Center, the new 2,500 sq. ft. location will feature a smaller dining room with a drive thru capacity up to 30% greater than the typical store model. The brand has plans to continue expansion in the Southern California market in 2018 with the smaller drive-thru focused locations.

The new Norco store will offer all the latest Miguel’s Jr. menu items, including a full breakfast menu with 7 breakfast burritos and a variety of breakfast plates. The menu also includes the new homemade horchata and all-natural lemonade made with 100% all natural pure cane sugar and fresh-squeezed lemons.

Miguel’s Jr. Norco continues the family tradition of homestyle Mexican dishes made using only premium ingredients including fresh Haas avocados, all natural and hormone free poultry, pasture raised, corn fed beef, 100% stone ground tortillas and tortilla chips, as well as their famous fresh-made daily hot sauce, available at the counter.


Norco Village Shopping Center

2450 River Road, Suite 300

Norco, CA 92860

Hours of Operation

Monday –Thursday: 7am – 10pm

Friday: 7am – 10:30pm

Saturday: 8am – 10:30pm

Sunday: 8am – 10pm

Credit: Miguel’s Jr.

Peyton Manning Becomes Vacation Quarterback in Universal Parks & Resorts Super Bowl Ad Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Helps Family Raise its Vacation Game

Peyton Manning becomes vacation quarterback to America in a new Universal Parks & Resorts commercial set to air during the Super Bowl – coaching families to take their vacation to the next level at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort.

An extended version of the spot will air in the NBC pre-game show and a thirty-second version of the commercial will air during the Super Bowl.

“This is your moment,” Peyton coaches a family starting its day at a Universal theme park in the extended version of the spot.  “You are more than a team.  You are a family.  Now let’s get out there and play.”

Manning joins the family during both spots to ensure they really do take fun to the next level.  He screams on a roller coaster, scrambles away from a Raptor showing its “game face,” and has a churro intercepted right out of his hands – and more.

Click here for the extended pre-game version: https://youtu.be/IbreHZSmqLA.

Click here for the thirty-second Super Bowl spot: https://youtu.be/xcmP4llwNS8.

About Universal Parks & Resorts: Universal Parks & Resorts, a unit of Comcast NBCUniversal, offers guests around the globe today’s most relevant and popular entertainment experiences. With three-time Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg as creative consultant, its theme parks are known for immersive experiences that feature some of the world’s most thrilling and technologically advanced film- and television-based attractions.

Comcast NBCUniversal wholly owns Universal Studios Hollywood, which includes Universal CityWalk Hollywood. It also owns Universal Orlando Resort, a destination resort with three theme parks (Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure and now open, Universal’s Volcano Bay – an entirely new water theme park experience), five (soon to be six) on-site resort hotels, and Universal CityWalk Orlando. In addition, Comcast NBCUniversal owns Universal Studios Japan, in Osaka and has a license agreement with Universal Studios Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore. The company is also developing a theme park destination in Beijing called Universal Beijing.

Credit: Universal Studios.

Ideas for Keeping Your Home Safe While You’re on Holiday

Going on holiday is something we all look forward to. We plan our holidays well in advance to ensure you get the best deals and so we thoroughly enjoy a well-deserved break from our everyday lives. However, many of us forget to fully secure our homes when we go on holiday.


It’s very easy for thieves to tell when you’re in and when you’re not. A LOT of break-ins happen when a house is empty, therefore there are a few things you need to do in order to keep your house safe.


Don’t Leave House Unoccupied


While you’re away be sure to have somebody, or a few people who you trust, check on your house. They will be able to go into your property and do a few things which make it seem like somebody’s home. They can do some favours such as feed your cat, water your plants, and take care of some chores around the house.


Don’t tell everyone you’re on holiday


Many of us love to tell everyone when you’re going on holiday, however, this could be a huge mistake to do. It’s said that the majority of burglaries are done by someone who lives nearby. It’s also not a good idea to broadcast you’re away via social media. Posting a simple picture of your holiday whilst you’re away will notify the burglar of your absence, if they have you on social media, which lets them know you’re not home, and will give them the all clear to go ahead with the break in.


Control Lighting


With the rise of the smart home, a number of home appliances can be controlled from your phone. Home lighting is one of these things. With many thieves getting wiser to timed lights, you need to vary the times which lights go on and off at.


Smart lighting enables you to switch your lights on from your phone while your laying on the sun bed thousands of miles away from your front door. This gives the illusion to of someone being at home.


Invest in Security Cameras


Although security cameras can be very expensive, they are very beneficial and can prove their worth, if they are needed if a situation such as a burglary was to occur. The majority of security cameras do give you the ability to access them via your phone.


Security cameras also deter burglars from attacking your home as they don’t want to be seen in the act. Security cameras give you the ability to identify the burglars, pause and rewind the footage, therefore, if this was to occur, you will be able to provide the police with footage and images of the people who attacked your home.


Get some Electric Gates


Lastly, electric gates from the Electric Gate Store, are brilliant at deterring potential burglars. If anyone is looking to burgle your home, they’ll be faced with the task of scaling your gates in order to get close to your house. This will discourage most people who are looking to break into your house, as this will slow them down, increasing their chances of getting caught.