Looking for a safer Tuna?

Are you pregnant and have been told that you shouldn’t eat tuna? Or maybe you just want a safer Tuna. Well, now you are in luck with  Safe Catch!

 Safe Catch is the only canned tuna company that is actually able to test each and every fish (before they purchase them) to ensure that the mercury levels in their Elite Wild Tuna is 10 times lower than the FDA’s limit! This means that pregnant women and kids can now safely enjoy tuna every day if they want to!! That is a really great thing! I also received samples and I love the taste of this tuna! This pure tuna has the lowest mercury of any brand and individually tests each fish to ensure that the mercury content is 10x lower than FDA regulations. Not only is Safe Catch free of fillers or additives, it’s also non-GMO verified and sustainably caught so we can feel great about eating tuna again. I also really like that there is no salt added because I really don’t like to have extra salt in my food. It’s just pure Tuna! I am thrilled that it has the lowest Mercury of any brand and it tastes great too!

Look for it at Safecatch.com.


Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Images were also provided.


Asian-Inspired Blount Bowls are a must-try!


Looking for a tasty meal that is ready in just a few minutes? The Asian-Inspired Blount Bowls are a hit with me! I had the opportunity to try a few of them and my favorite is the Hibachi Chicken & Rice Bowl! It’s so good and a great item to have for lunch or dinner especially on a Winter day! There are gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options and literally, they take less than 5 minutes to make! They cost under $6.00 and are available at select retailers nationwide. I love how fresh they taste and that they are a healthier option. The Chicken Ramen Noodle is also really good! Also available in Coconut Chicken & Noodle and Vegetable & Rice. Look for them at a retailer near you!

Check them out at www.blountbowls.com 

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post.

It’s still not too late to buy a Calendar for the New Year!

There’s still time to buy a calendar and one of my favorites this year is the Krispy Kreme 2018 Recipe Calendar! Such delicious recipes that you can make from Breakfast Sandwiches to ice cream sandwiches and cakes! Another great thing about this calendar is that there is over $110 in bonus coupons! I love the free donut coupons!

Find the calendar at your local Krispy Kreme before it’s gone!


Self Disclosure: I received a free calendar to facilitate this post. 

Healthy food swaps for your family

Deciding to become a family that’s health-conscious and one that educates their kids about the effects their diet has on their bodies, is one of the most sensible and beneficial things you could do.


Rewarding is just one term you’ll begin to feel as your family feels happier during your mission to a healthier lifestyle. To kick-start your families journey, here are a few healthy and yummy food swaps for you to try out.

Croutons swapped out for almonds


We know that there’s going to be a struggle when you’re attempting to get your kids to try salads: ‘Vegetables? How dare you!’ Is probably among the phrases they’ll be thinking when you hand them a plate of freshly sliced and diced veg.


Make it a little more interesting for them by setting out a variety of salad dressings (as long as they don’t drown their salad in the dressing, which would defeat the point) and a bowl of almonds to add more texture. They’re actually much healthier than croutons and they taste just as good!

Butter swapped out for coconut oil


When coconut oil is kept below 23°C its form becomes solid with a consistency very similar to butter. The plus side to this, excluding that it’s tons better for you, is that as soon as the coconut oil hits your warm slice of toast, it seamlessly melts creating the perfect spread.

Cow’s milk swapped out for almond milk


Often milk isn’t a part of your diet that you’d consider being unhealthy, however, it isn’t as good for us as originally thought. Although it is true that cow’s milk is rich in calcium, it’s actually a little too rich for our human bodies to soak up.


Due to this, almond milk is the perfect alternative. It has enough calcium to be beneficial but not too much, so that our bodies can use the majority of the calcium. The kids will love the sweet taste of almond milk too. Brilliant!

Where to find organic food


There’s a wide variety of healthy food supplies at Clearspring if you are looking for an organic online food shop, then visiting their site will give you a clear idea of the costs of going organic.  Good luck!

Gaslamp Popcorn is a Must this New Year!

Looking for a delicious snack this Winter? One of my favorites is Gaslamp Popcorn! It’s really a low-calorie snack and is all natural popcorn! I love the Malibu Mix…it’s truly one of my favorites! My son really likes their Kettle Corn! If you are really trying to eat healthier this New Year….Gaslamp Popcorn is a great choice! It’s great for the whole family too!

Have you tried the Sea Salt & Olive Oil flavor yet? This one will be a hit even if you are really watching what you eat this New Year! Gaslamp Popcorn is also Gluten Free and California made! Now, how cool is that?! Look for Gaslamp Popcorn at a store near you!

Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook too!


Credit: I received free samples to facilitate this post but Gaslamp Popcorn truly is a favorite of mine! Images were provided.

Slime Announces Next Generation Tire Sealant Kits

If you are like me…you dread getting a flat tire! I have to admit that it is one of the worst things! Luckily, it doesn’t happen too often…but what do you do? I like that this is a simple solution! I mean…we have enough to worry about, don’t we?! There’s no need to worry about a flat tire!

Slime, the nation’s leader in tire sealant technology is pleased to announce its technologically-advanced Next Generation Flat Tire Repair Kits.

“Being the tire repair industry leader, we want to make having to change a flat tire a thing of the past,” said Patrick Mallon, Slime Director of Marketing and Innovation. “Our sealant in the Flat Tire Repair Kits are OEM approved and are easy to use and get you from flat to fixed in a matter of minutes.  There is no more advanced tire repair kit on the market.”

Slime’s next generation of Flat Tire Repair Kits are fast and simple to use and do not require any tools or jack, thus eliminating any potential injuries and roadside hazards. The new Flat Tire Repair Kits use an easy four-step process to get your vehicle back on the road safely within minutes of a flat tire occurrence.

Features of Slime’s Next Gen Flat Tire Repair Kits include:

  • Simple 4-step process with step by step repair guide
  • Available in Standard or Digital versions
  • Refill cartridge available
  • Trusted technology
  • Sealant approved by leading OEMs
  • No need for jacks or tools
  • Tire sensor safe
  • Repair and fully inflate a flat tire in minutes
  • Standard series retails for $39.99
  • Digital Series retails for $49.99
  • Refill Cartridge retails for $12.99

For more information on Slime Next Gen Flat Tire Repair Kits, please visit: http://slime.com/.

About Slime: Slime was founded in 1989, in a garage in central California, close to numerous mountain biking trails that created a high demand for “the green slimy stuff” to repair tires.  Since then, Slime has grown into a company that exports its products to 36 countries and is the leader in tire sealant and tire repair technology. Since our founding, we have been committed to manufacturing a product that is safe for our customers and the environment.  For further information please call Slime at 1-888-45-SLIME.

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. I have not yet had to use the product but feel confident that this will help when I do get a flat tire.

DAPPER + CROWN Launches as A New Children’s Brand with Seasonless Apparel Classic Pieces Made Locally in Los Angeles, California

Dapper + Crown recently announced the launch of their new seasonless children’s apparel company based in Southern California. The family owned brand is pleased to offer classic pieces manufactured locally, utilizing imported fabrics, in Los Angeles, California.

The husband and wife team of James and Yves Homan live and work in the Los Angeles area and are thrilled to have their entire line produced in the states. Yves was born and raised in the Philippines where handcrafted pieces handed down from her siblings could be reimagined and worn proudly by herself and others.  After the Homans had their own daughter they wanted to bring Yves’ wardrobe tradition to growing families in America.

“My clothes were typically made by my aunt or mother and handed down with love from one girl in the family to another,” states Yves. “I could wear them to play or on a stylish Sunday drive with my dad, who passed down his innate love of fashion to me.”

The collection includes the following pieces:

FIONA –  100% cotton, three-quarter sleeve top with collar and button back closure with flounced bottom, available in Aloe with Storm contrasting Peter Pan collar and trim or Pearl Pink with Coral collar and contrasting trim.

WILLOW – jump skirt with ruffle trim and crossed back, available in Citrus (corduroy) or Titanium (100% cotton).

MACKENNA – three-quarter sleeve dress with Peter Pan collar, button back, and back tie, available in 100% cotton Periwinkle or Sand.

PIPER – classic, tailored chambray blazer with notched collar, tan elbow patches, and star print lining.

We had one of our youngest reviewers try out one and she loved the MACKENNA Dress! She calls it a Princess dress.


Check out DAPPER + CROWN!

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Top Photo Credit: DAPPER + CROWN. Bottom photos: One of our youngest reviewers. 

Pass It Down reinvents the greeting card to help capture family memories

 Pass It Down, an award-winning storytelling platform that makes it easy to digitally record and preserve family memories, announced today the launch of its first physical product, greetingStory. greetingStory™ reinvents the greeting card, making it easy to capture family memories and handwriting, reconnect with loved ones and preserve family stories.

“Our goal at Pass It Down is to create innovative and affordable ways for every family to capture their treasured memories,” said Pass It Down CEO and Founder Chris Cummings. “Today’s technology allows us to simplify everything we do, and we think capturing and sharing family memories should be no different. With the launch of greetingStory, families have an effortless, interactive and effective way to capture each of their special memories, one question at a time.”

greetingStory™ is great in its simplicity. Each greetingStory™ card features a question on the cover, with included tips and instructions from top biographers to help guide loved ones in sharing their memories. The cards feature two prominent spaces to share memories and to capture loved one’s handwriting. Every card includes a QR code on the back, allowing the user to upload a loved one’s story into the Pass It Down platform. The platform can also host additional video, audio, text, and photos, completing the story. A complete story can be shared with the entire family, serving as a permanent, digital memory book for everyone.

Families can choose between two options for greetingStory cards. Worldwide, Pass It Down offers greetingStory™ Memory Boxes that include 12, 24 or 48 cards and envelopes. In the US, Pass It Down offers subscription model where you can send a family member one, two or four cards per month. Each card includes a pre-paid return envelope to send the card back to the customer.

“Imagine being able to send your mom or dad 24 cards a year, in a personalized envelope, asking about their life and their legacy. We automate the process for families, and our pre-paid return envelopes ensure that it is extremely simple for your relative to get the cards back to you” said Cummings.

For more information about greetingStory, please visit www.passitdown.com or connect with Pass It Down on Twitter (@passitdown).

I received a sample this past Summer and really think this is a wonderful idea for the holidays and for the New Year!!

About Pass It Down, LLC.

Since 2015, Pass It Down has been dedicated to helping families around the world capture and preserve their memories and stories. Through its pioneering digital storytelling platform, Pass It Down is leading innovation in the storytelling and genealogy industries and has won numerous awards and recognition from organizations including: the International Storytelling Center, the National Storytelling Festival, the Aging 2.0 Global Startup Search, BYU, the Miller Lite Tap The Future contest and many more. Learn more about Pass It Down at www.passitdown.com

Self Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate this post. Image and information were provided.