Lauren Nicole Gifts for a personalized Mother’s Day Gift this year!


Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year? Something that is personalized and she will cherish year after year? Lauren Nicole Gifts  is the perfect website to check out! I love the Handwriting Jewelry. I received a sample of a bracelet and my son had the opportunity to write a message for me. You can see all the different choices here.  I just love the Handwriting bangle that I received. The handwriting is just as my son wrote it and I like that a birthstone charm is also added. It is available in gold or silver and it is quite stylish! I have been receiving all kinds of compliments on it! You have a max of four words and this will surely make her day this Mother’s Day!


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Yowie Celebrates Earth Day Early with Easter Egg Hunts Across U.S. Free Yowie Chocolate Will Be Handed Out To Spread Awareness About Saving The Natural World


Yowie Group LTD announced today that they will be traveling across the U.S. this April to celebrate Earth Day with Easter egg hunts for children. The popular chocolate brand from Australia will be participating in Easter egg hunts in the New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, Providence, and Denver markets. Yowie aims to “save the natural world” by making animal and environmental education both fun and tasty, creating the perfect link between Easter chocolate celebrations on Sunday April 16th and Earth Day on Saturday April 22nd.


These events allow Yowie to further its mission of educating children and adults about ecology and the environment through fun animal replicas hidden inside each chocolate, many of which are endangered species. The brand recently partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), which is based at the Bronx Zoo and works to conserve more than two million square miles of wild places around the world.


Yowie will be handing out free candy to attendees at each of the following Easter events:


Friday, April 14 – Easter Hoppening – Malibu, CA

Saturday April 15 – Think and Fun’s Easter Egg Hunt & Bunny Fun – New York, NY

Saturday April 15 – Bunny Rock 5K and Egg Hunt – Chicago, IL

Saturday, April 15 – Egg Scramble – Sunny Isles, FL

Saturday, April 15 – Egg Bowl – Pasadena, CA

Sunday, April 16 – World’s Largest Easter Egg Hunt – Copper Mountain, CO


“Yowie has grown rapidly in the US, and we are excited to hit the road this April to bring our chocolate to kids across the country,” said Bert Alfonso, CEO of Yowie Group. “It made sense for us to combine our Easter and Earth Day plans, as we look to harness the fun animal collectables inside every Yowie to help spread our message of animal and environmental conservation.”

Yowie is a brand that appeals to all ages with a core brand message of ‘”saving the natural world.” Yowie is not just another toy or collectible, it is a brand built around an extensive collection of limited-edition replicas of wild animals – many under the real threat of extinction – with the purpose of educating children and adults about ecology and the environment. They have been designed to foster a sense of wonder in the diversity and beauty of our natural world and to encourage learning through play.

More About YOWIE
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– Each character comes with a leaflet of facts about that animal.
– YOWIE can be enjoyed digitally on YOWIE WORLD, the app that lets children create an avatar and experience theYOWIE environment first-hand.
– With information from the leaflets, children can unlock animals in YOWIE WORLD to play and interact with.
– At its height in Australia, the candy was flying off the shelves at a rate of 1-million units per week.
– Learn more about YOWIE HERE
I received a couple to sample and these really are quite unique! I think that children of all ages will love the app! The chocolate is quite yummy too!
Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this post. Photos were provided.

5 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

There’s no comparing playing outdoors. The vastness of space can really give a great workout even to the most hyperactive child. With no shortage of space, exploration can be enhanced, and this can lead to more learning opportunities for children. Besides, getting warm sunshine and fresh air should break the monotony of having to sit in front of the computer or TV screen for extended hours at a time. If you want to get your child off that couch, here are 5 fun outdoor activities for kids you may want to try.

  1. Play ball games.

Take out your basketball hoops and play one on one with your kid. Or create a two-man team for a 2 on 2 game. Bring out the soccer ball or even the football or tennis ball and racquet. Whatever kind of ball you have, this is one game that is best enjoyed outdoors; unless of course your home interior is the size of the Madison Square Garden. But why ball games? These are excellent for helping kids develop their throwing, dribbling, kicking, and ball handling skills. These are also essential in developing agility and flexibility as well as boosting one’s reflexes. 

  1. Play with ride-on toys. 

When we talk of outdoor activities for kids, driving one of those kiddie ride-on toys is almost always on top of the list. In fact, many kids today go to school or to the park riding in any one of these modes of kiddie transportation. Kids love gliding on their skateboards, inline skates, or even roller skates. Some prefer going around the neighborhood on their bicycles, trikes, and even big wheels. Still, younger kids prefer to travel in style in their wagons and electric cars. For the more adventurous ones, a go kart or a motorized mini kart is an absolute must. If you don’t think of this as a great outdoor activity, just ask yourself how you felt the first time your dad gave you the keys to your own car. You can view a great range of Go Karts at My Kid Needs That.

  1. Engage in a game of shooting or target practice. 

If you have Nerf blasters, now is the perfect time to go out and play a game of target practice or even some simulated shooting games. We know some of you may be raising their eyebrows because it would seem we are espousing violence. Shooting games are excellent when it comes to teaching kids concentration or focus. They are also taught to become very observant of their environment as enemies can really just be lurking behind a bush or some other structure. If you think this is violent, then perhaps engaging in some target practice would be a lot less violent. Just place several strips of paper on a pole and try to hit as close to the bull’s eye as possible. 

  1. Go swimming or even fishing. 

There are a lot of things that can be done at the beach or even in the swimming pool. Splashing around or even lounging on their own pool inflatables can provide tremendous fun and enjoyment for kids. Getting them water themed play tables can also add to the fun. If not, why not encourage your child to go out fishing. It teaches them patience and perseverance as well as concentration on the minute changes that occur on the line. Best of all, they get to be acquainted with the different fish species in your area. 

  1. Fly a kite or a drone. 

Flying can provide thrills you’ve never known. Whether it is a simple kite or even a remote controlled drone or helicopter, this will simply improve kids’ spatial awareness and fine motor skills.

These are just 5 fun outdoor activities for kids. We can guarantee you, there are literally hundreds more.


5 Best Pack n’ Play Playards in 2017

Graco Company has been producing baby products for ages. In fact, they used to fabricate machine and car parts but shifted to baby products. In 1987 the company pioneered in making the popular Pack n’ Play Portable Playard. It was the world’s first portable playard. After that, they have been catering to the needs of parents all over the world. Their products provide comfort and safety to babies as well as peace of mind to mothers. They are effortless to carry and easy to pack and move. To the parents who stay at home, the nature and outdoors enthusiasts, or the backpackers that travel the world, Pack n’ Play provides a variety of options for you to choose from. Here are the Top 5 best pack n play playards that are recommended by many parents in 2017.


  1.    Graco Totbloc


   This product is spacious with 38-square inches and an easy carry bag. In addition, there is a one button setup. It is portable and has enough space for your baby to be comfortable and play around in it. With a simple and baby-friendly design, it will not go out of style that easy. It also has a matching mattress to compliment the design. It can easily transition from baby to toddler because of the wide space it provides. Any toddler or baby will fit comfortably. A simple yet efficient product, very easy to move and to set-up, this is surely one of the playards parents will suggest to new parents.


  1.    Graco Vance For Twins


To those parents blessed with twins, this is the right one for you.  A product with slick design and has matching bassinets for your children. The Graco Vance for twins is spacious and durable. It has built-in wheels that make it easy to move around and is very stable. Even if you have one baby this product can also serve as an adorable venue for playdates. For sleeping purposes to baby photo shoots this is the perfect choice for you.


  1.    Jetsetter Lite


   This playard is good for outdoor events. It comes with a nest bassinet with full cover to avoid mosquitoes. It is lightweight and it folds completely into the portable backpack. It makes it easy for you to bring a baby with you while you are traveling away from home. It features a light shielding domed canopy with airy mesh sides for perfect ventilation. Your growing baby will have enough space to play and enjoy the outdoors without any worries from the parents.


  1.    Playard Sport


   This product is also designed for the outdoors. It is easy to set up and will provide your child a comfortable corner closer to nature. It features a UV50 protection-lined canopy to protect your child from sunlight. It is designed with a spacious hexagonal shape and durable and soft base. It features the air mesh ventilation with a zipper open door which transitions from playard to play space easily. A perfect choice for nature loving parents.


  1.    Travel Lite Crib


This is a product that is the perfect choice for new couples. It is designed to save space with its smaller dimensions but the comfort is not jeopardized. It has airy mesh on all sides for full ventilation. It also comes with a bassinet for easy access in case diaper changing is involved. It has a push-button fold which makes it easy to close and has a light frame to make the moving and carrying hassle-free. It is easy to bring with you during travels and be kept in a tight-spaced apartment because of its smaller dimension.  This product is the right choice for newlyweds.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas! Look for the Giveaway Opportunity!

Do you have a little one who loves cars and building? This product is a must-buy for this upcoming holiday!

unnamed     unnamed (1)

As Easter approaches, it can be a mad dash (or hop) to get baskets ready for the kids. Toymaker Revell models has the perfect gift for young car lovers. The company’s Junior Kit line ensures that playing and learning are not mutually exclusive. Kids get to polish their mechanical skills and have a blast doing so!

The product line includes a sleek racecar, cool convertible, officious police car, rugged off-roader, and a shiny firetruck. Kids as young as 4 years old can assemble these models themselves thanks to parts that easily screw on with the use of tools provided. After building, you can zoom the cars all over town!

I received one to check out…a really cool rugged off-roader which is a hit with my young nephew this Easter! Yes, I gave it to him early so we could try it out! I like that it is easy to put together and has 25 parts which I think sounds like the right amount for a 5-year-old

These easy to build vehicles typically include 21-41 pieces along with enhanced features such as decal stickers and are available from $17.99 to $29.99 at Hobby Lobby and are also available on Amazon.


The next one is something needed for after all the Easter candy!

unnamed    unnamed (1)

Looking for new ideas to incorporate into your kids’ Easter baskets this year? How about a product that promotes healthy habits, prevents tooth decay AND tastes great all at the same time?! Plackers® Kids Flossers turn the difficult task of getting your kids to floss regularly into a fun and simple part of their everyday routine.

Each Kids Flosser is designed with a dual grip handle and angled head, making it easy for kids of all ages to use. With the fruit smoothie swirl flavor and bright colors, your kids will actually look forward to cleaning their teeth.

Find out more here!

Giveaway! We have a Flosser Friend to giveaway! Leave a comment below to enter! Deadline to enter is April 10th, 2017 at noon.

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5 Best Types Of Toys For Creativity

If you are planning to buy toys for your kids, then you better take a step back and plan ahead on what kind of toys you will be buying. You see, toys today have evolved from being simple tools for your kid’s entertainment in to educational materials that can nurture your kid’s natural talents and skills. And with today’s technology and innovation, you will surely encounter a variety of toys that will surely give you a hard time in choosing among them.

In choosing the right type of toy for your kids, it is very important that the toy is age appropriate. A lot of parents mistakenly buy random toys only to find out that their kids are not yet ready for the toy or it is still dangerous for them to play with it because of their age. If you don’t want to endanger your kid, then be sure to confirm if the toys are appropriate for your their age and developmental level. Another thing to look out for is the materials from which the toys are made. With lots of imitations and fakes scattered in the market, there is a high chance that your kid might get hurt from them, so be sure to check if the toys are safe and are made with materials that are government approved. If your kids have allergies, you may need to do more inquiry and verification in order to identify the kinds of toys that are allowed for your kids based on their health needs.

And finally, after considering the things mentioned above, we have listed 5 of the best types of toys for creativity to help you decide on what toys to buy for your kids.


  1.    Puzzle Toys


Puzzle toys are the best toys to develop your kids’ logical and problem-solving skills. It allows them to rack their minds on how to solve a certain puzzle and be creative with their solutions. Picture puzzles are the most popular type of puzzles as it also helps in developing your kid’s hand, eye, and mind coordination.


  1.    Musical Instruments


Musical instruments are also very effective in developing your kid’s creativity. By playing and experimenting with different sounds, your kids gets exposure to new things that will certainly increase the boundaries of their present creative minds.


  1.    Clay-doh


While some may have allergies to clay or hate them as they can be messy, clay-doh toys are still very popular and fun to play with. Kids get to experiment with different creations. The limit in the creative side is boundless with clay-doh toys.


  1.    Artistic Tools


Drawing books, coloring books, singing and dancing toys, and other artististic toys can obviously help develop your kid’s creativity. Furthermore, it is also a very good platform to learn if your kids have latent talent in a certain field. In fact, most genius artist’s talents are said to be discovered when they were still young.


  1.    Toy Blocks


Lego blocks, construction blocks, and other toy blocks are also very good toys for developing your kid’s creativity. Moreover, building different kinds of structures teaches them the value of hard work.


For more information about your kid’s development and how toys can help them, feel free to visit My Kid Needs That.


Don’t want to cook tonight? Try Munchery!

IMG_5478    IMG_5482   IMG_5484

It’s been one of those weeks and you are so tired of cooking dinner! Yes, there is a solution! It’s easy, delicious and even affordable! Have you heard of Munchery?

Munchery the leading chef-prepared meal delivery service, is expanding to 1.2 million new households nationwide, including Southern California. In SoCal, Munchery has extended coverage to 740,000 additional homes in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Riverside. This includes rural and suburban locations where there is unmet demand for high-quality food delivery options. The expansion also includes Seattle and DC, which brings Munchery’s serviceable footprint to 25 million households across over 1,000 cities in America.

Munchery has been delivering chef-prepared meals using fresh, wholesome and mostly local ingredients for over five years.


I had the opportunity to try out their service and I really am impressed! Actually, it is my favorite meal delivery service! I have tried ones in the past where you chop and cook and follow a recipe. What I love about Munchery is that there really is very little cooking involved. The meals are chilled and not frozen so you simply heat them up! The meals are completely fresh and made in kitchens, not warehouses. You can also put in your order for the week and not just one day a week. For example, I put in an order for a Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  They have great choices like Chicken Chili and Cornbread, (My personal favorite!) Caesar Salmon, and Texas Style Chili dogs. The Texas Style Chili dogs were also a hit with my family!


So, what are you waiting for? Check out Munchery today!

More about Munchery:

About Munchery
Munchery makes delicious, healthy, ready-to-eat meals and cooking kits that are crafted by critically-acclaimed local chefs. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, Munchery is the leading end-to-end food delivery company with a service footprint that covers 25 million households in the U.S. With control of its entire food service value chain, Munchery has the capability to continuously optimize multiple points of operations and deliver better personalized food experiences–-from developing original recipes, sourcing fresh ingredients, creating incredible dishes, packing environmentally-friendly materials, to delivering fresh meals directly to customers. Visit Munchery’s website for more information, and join its community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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Are you baking this Easter? The 2017 Housewares Design Awards “Best in Category” Winner - Trudeau's Round Cake Pan is a must-buy!

unnamed (2)

Are you planning to bake this upcoming holiday? I know of the perfect Cake Pan! It’s easy to use and easy to clean! I love how it is non-stick and the cake is so easy to remove!

It also is a winner! 

The 2017 Housewares Design Awards honoring products offering design innovation and new ways for improving everyday living were presented at a Gala awards ceremony during the Winter Las Vegas Market recently. Trudeau Corporation’s Silicone Round Cake Pan with an integrated steel frame took top honors in the Cookware and Bakeware category — a testament to the inventive spirit and keen product development the Company has placed in their bakeware collection.  The Trudeau’s Round Cake Pan is one of eight cake, cookie and muffin pans integrated with Trudeau’s exclusive reinforced steel rims for secure handling and Supra Silicone, a patented, seamless manufacturing process providing a flexible non-stick, easy release surface.

The 9” round baking pan is heat resistant up to 428°F / 220°C and is freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Suggested retail price is $27.99 Available nationwide. To find a retailer near you visit

Self Disclosure: I received a free product to facilitate this post.