Lent Friendly Dining: New Sustainable Shrimp Dishes at Rubio’s Coastal Grill


Along with their famous Original Fish taco, Rubio’s is one of few fast casual restaurants to offer a wide selection of grilled seafood tacos, burritos and bowls for readers who are looking for alternatives to red meat and poultry during the 40-day Lenten period.

In addition to tried-and-true favorites, Rubio’s has also two brand new shrimp dishes to the menu. Featuring sustainable shrimp and a chef-crafted spicy chili aioli sauce, the brand new Panko Crusted Shrimp Two Taco Plate and Burrito!

I had the opportunity to try the Burrito and it is one of my new favorites from Rubio’s! 

Rubio’s Panko-Crusted Crispy Shrimp dishes feature sustainable shrimp crusted with panko-bread crumbs complemented by Rubio’s chef-crafted chile aioli sauce, creating the most satisfying combination of sweet and spicy flavors and crispy texture in every bite. The Panko-Crusted Crispy Shrimp Two Taco Plate features crispy shrimp placed atop warm stone-ground corn tortillas topped with chile aioli sauce, salsa verde, crunchy fresh cabbage, and cilantro and onion mix, and is served with no-fried™ pinto beans and sea-salted tortilla chips. The Panko-Crusted Crispy Shrimp Burrito wraps the crispy shrimp, chile aioli sauce, salsa verde, citrus rice, cabbage, and cilantro and onion mix in a toasted flour tortilla.

For more information about Rubio’s Coastal Grill, please visit https://www.rubios.com. Guests can also join the conversation on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rubios.

About Rubio’s® Restaurants:

Rubio’s first opened in 1983, in the San Diego neighborhood of Mission Bay. Today, counting the ocean as a source of inspiration, Rubio’s uses sustainable seafood in nearly all of its seafood dishes, and continues to expand its menu with innovative recipes ranging from seafood tacos and burritos to California Bowls and crisp, fresh salads. In addition, Rubio’s offers all natural grilled marinated chicken and steak, “no fried” pinto beans, handmade guacamole, a variety of proprietary salsas, and craft beer, wine and sangria beverage options. The award-winning restaurant regularly receives accolades for its famous Original Fish Taco®. It was also recently ranked as one of Fast Casual’s ‘Top 50 Movers and Shakers’ as well as one of the top five most loved fast casual chains ranked by Foodable Labs and Digital CoCo. Rubio’s participates in a variety of community partnership efforts throughout the year including being a member of the Blue Business Council and hosting Rubio’s annual CoastFest celebration and beach cleanup. Rubio’s is headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., has over 4,000 employees and currently operates more than 200 restaurants in California, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and Florida. For more information, visit https://www.rubios.com.

Self Disclosure: I had the opportunity to try one of the new menu items for free to facilitate this post. Information and image was also provided.

Yogurtland Introduces Most Colorful Flavors Yet, Inspired by DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls ~ Adventure to Yogurtland for 10 Hair Raising Flavors ~


Inspired by the colorful characters of the new DreamWorks Animation film Trolls, Yogurtland, the ever-popular self-serve frozen yogurt pioneer, is introducing 10 colorful flavors, a new fun topping and two collectible spoons, available since October 20th until December 21st.


From the creators of Shrek comes DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls, a smart, funny and irreverent comedy about the search for happiness, and just how far some will go to get it.  This hilarious film transports audiences to a colorful, wondrous world populated by the overly optimistic Trolls, who have a constant dance in their step and a song on their lips, and the comically pessimistic Bergens, who are only happy when they have trolls in their stomachs.

Trolls arrived in theaters on November 4th, 2016.


”This wonderful family film inspired us with its creativity and optimistic message for young and old alike. Our colorful, Trolls flavors give our fans of all ages something to sing and dance about,” said Phillip Chang, Yogurtland founder and CEO. “Just like the film joins family together on a wild ride, Yogurtland brings family and friends together to experience a deliciously inspired flavor spectrum.”



Ten Trolls Inspired Flavors

These flavors will have Yogurtland fans singing, dancing, and smiling while enjoying one of these creamy flavors inspired by the colorfully fun characters from the film, Trolls, such as Poppy’s White Chocolate Raspberry, Cooper’s Caramel Apple, King Peppy’s Chocolate Covered Pretzel, Branch’s Peanut Butter Caramel, Guy Diamond’s White Chocolate Peppermint, Creek’s Butterscotch Pudding Gelato, Smidge’s Cinnamon Donut Holes, and Biggie’s Frosted Cookie. And for those who prefer a tangier flavor, Yogurtland is offering innovative tastes such as Satin and Chenille’s Blueberry Mangosteen Tart, and DJ Suki’s Cranberry Raspberry Tart.


To complement the flavors, Yogurtland is introducing Milk Chocolate Mini Twist Pretzels as a new topping. These twists perfectly combine sweet and savory in each crunchy bite.


For a limited-time only, Yogurtland has two new collectible spoons inspired by the Trolls main characters Poppy and Branch so guests can bring home the fun from Trolls and the tasty flavor from Yogurtland. These collectible spoons are only available while supplies last.

I just tried the Biggie’s Frosted Cookie tonight and love it! I highly recommend trying this one this week! I love Yogurtland because they have so many flavor choices and so many different toppings! 

img_4526       img_4529

The Yogurtland Difference

Continually evolving the popular frozen yogurt trend, Yogurtland has built a growing business by redefining dessert and delivering the ultimate culinary experience. The Trolls inspired flavors created by Yogurtland’s flavorologists allow the one-of-a-kind flavors to continue to grow beyond basic taste profiles and serve people a variety of toppings to delight every taste bud.


Separating Yogurtland from competitors is the company’s team of flavorologists who develop the proprietary recipes for the brand’s more than 250 different and customized flavors that are produced in the company’s own dairy plant in Paramount, Calif. Whether traditional or exotic, each flavor uses real ingredients sourced from their original locations. By controlling the entire frozen yogurt-making process, Yogurtland has raised the standards for flavors and quality to new heights much to the delight of millions of fans.

All of Yogurtland’s flavors meet the National Yogurt Association Criteria for “live and active culture frozen yogurt” and are produced in a kosher-certified facility. Yogurtland features non-fat and low-fat yogurt flavors as well as non-dairy and no sugar added choices while using milk that does not contain antibiotics or added hormones. As for the sorbet, fruit flavors are fortified with Vitamin C for an extra boost.

Connect with Yogurtland on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, add us on Snapchat at @yogurtlandinc or visit us online at Yogurt-land.com.

Self Disclosure: I received a free gift card to check out the newest flavors! Top photo was provided for this post. Other photos are my own.

STACKED is the place to visit for delicious food! You must try the Pumpkin Cheesecake Milkshake and the Pumpkin Bread Pudding this month!


Looking for a great place to go for lunch? STACKED is the place to go!

I recently had the opportunity to check this place out for lunch and I only have great things to say! The customer service is friendly, the food is delicious and this month they have two tasty pumpkin treats you do not want to miss!

What is really cool about STACKED is that you can place your order on an iPad! I know my son would love this so I plan to take him to lunch there soon!


You also can add and change things to the food items. I think that everyone would just love to order their food this way. I think that this is the most unique thing about STACKED but it isn’t the only thing. I had heard that the hamburgers are really good but I didn’t know that they have such creative Mac & Cheese dishes! Personally, I’m not a big Mac & Cheese lover but when I saw that they had Stacked Mac in Cajun Shrimp…well, I just had to try it!


This really is even better than it looks! I was impressed with how many shrimps were in the dish and it was so tasty! My Mother-in-law went to lunch with me and she tried a Stacked Mac with chicken…yum!


This month there are two pumpkin treats that you do NOT want to miss! They have a Pumpkin Cheesecake Milkshake and it is really good! I honestly think that they should have it all year but it is only there until the end of the month!


But, my ultimate favorite was the Pumpkin Bread Pudding! Oh my! I wish I knew how to make this one! You can also add whip cream, ice cream or a variety of other things! This is so good that it would be fine by itself but I added whip cream!


The Pumpkin Bread Pudding alone is a reason to go to STACKED! But, I have to say that the customer service is amazing too! Our Waitress Diana was the best!

To find out more about STACKED, visit their website!  I highly recommend visiting this month!

Happy November!





Self Disclosure: I received media comped meals to facilitate this post but no other compensation was received. Photo Credit: SoCal City Kids.

It’s Halloween time at Disneyland!

wdw2016273566149329_11    img_4148    img_4163

Where is the best place to go at Halloween time? No, it isn’t the pumpkin patch! Although. I have to admit when my child was younger, we did love going there at this time of the year!

But, there is a place that is so much fun and for all ages! Disneyland! I have always loved this “happiest place on earth” place. But, Halloween time is simply my favorite time there!

It’s all the decorations and just being there will put a big smile on your face! I also love the Haunted Mansion at this time of the year when you can find Jack Skellington.

What I really love about Disneyland is that there is so much to do and for all ages! My favorite tends to be It’s a Small World and my son loves the thrill rides! But, even I can handle most of the thrill rides. (Well..most of them!)

We recently visited Disneyland at the end of September and had so much fun! My son is a teenager now (time goes too fast!) and I wasn’t sure if he would still love Disneyland as much as he did when he was younger. But, he still loves the place and I know I always will!

He also does not like to take character pictures as much as he used to! But, he agreed to take one with Tigger!


My son did not want to smile..he really didn’t but as usual…Tigger got a smile out of him!

Check out the Disneyland website for all other information! This really is the best time to visit!

Happy Halloween!




Self Disclosure: I received media tickets to Disneyland/California Adventure to post.

Run to The Habit Burger Grill for the Golden Chicken Sandwich! Available for a limited-time!


For the first time ever, Habit Restaurants, Inc. (Nasdaq: HABT) is introducing a Golden Chicken Sandwich nationwide.

The Golden Chicken Sandwich is the perfect addition to The Habit menu that is known for its variety, quality and value.  This Golden Chicken Sandwich ($6.25) starts with a fresh, filleted chicken breast that is hand-dipped into house-made seasoned flour and buttermilk, not just once but twice, before being fried to perfection and custom made to order. This extra care gives the Golden Chicken a crunchy, flavorful crust while keeping all the juiciness. The Golden Chicken Sandwich is topped with a new spicy red pepper sauce and served with fresh sliced tomato, lettuce and tangy pickles on a soft toasted bun.

I had the opportunity to taste this delicious Golden Chicken Sandwich and I love it! I love the amount of spicy and it really is a must-try! I also really like that it is extra crunchy!  I’ve been a Fan of  Habit Burger Grill and this is now my favorite item on their menu! You have to also order the Onion Rings!

img_4261     img_4263

The only downfall is that it is only available for a limited time so you have to hurry! Don’t walk! I highly recommend running to your local restaurant! I love the one in Torrance!


Self Disclosure: I received a free gift card to facilitate this post. I highly recommend! Top photo was provided. Bottom photos: SoCal City Kids.



Save Money for Summer Vacations with Groupon Coupons! Groupon has the best deals!


Self Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Do you want to save money on products and places to go? If so, Groupon Coupons is the way to really save! They have so many different free coupons available from Macy’s to Bath and Body Works! I love the current one available for Bath & Body Works because it is 20% Off in store with the coupon. Yes, I love the Hand Soaps and the Bubble Bath there so 20% is a great deal to me!

I already love saving with Groupon vouchers but the coupons are also a great way to save! I know that I am saving for Summer vacation so saving money is really important to me! Groupon Coupons is a great way to save on a lot of items that you would purchase on a regular basis.

The best things are that it is so easy to search on their website and that there are no hidden membership fees! Yes, it really is FREE!

Here are some of the places you can use the coupons:

  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • Office Depot
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Pier 1 Imports

You can also search by location and this is so handy for shopping for birthday gifts and upcoming Father’s Day and Graduation gifts!

Some great ideas for saving on Graduation Gifts can be found here. 



Check out Groupon today!  It really is a great way to save money!

Look for them on Facebook and Twitter too!


Photo images : Free stock image photos from Pixabay. This is a sponsored post and any opinions expressed are my own.

ALDI Food Market is the place to shop! High quality products and you save money!


“This post was sponsored by ALDI as part of Influencer Activation for Influence Central.”

Looking for a great place to shop and actually save money on groceries? ALDI is the place to go! With Memorial Day weekend approaching, it is the perfect time to stock up on food for BBQ’s and Picnics! I had never been to ALDI before and I did have to drive slightly out of my local neighborhood but it was a quick trip on the freeway! It was worth the drive! I visited the one in Cerritos.

One thing that I found both clever and impressive is that you pay a quarter to get your cart and when you return your cart, you get your quarter back. You can imagine how clean the parking lot looked! The store is very modern, clean and has high ceilings and LED lighting. It is a smaller store but has such a friendly feel to it!

I was also impressed with the prices and how clean the store was. It was simple to find products and I was able to shop for a lot of items!

IMG_3060  IMG_3059.jpgsmmmmm

I was quite impressed with the produce especially the fruit and stocked up on Apples and Pears. I also stocked up on goodies for the upcoming holiday weekend such as Hamburger Buns, Turkey Burgers and hotdogs! They also have great prices on Mayonnaise, BBQ Sauce and actually anything that may be on your list!

IMG_3074    IMG_3078   IMG_3076

I really left ALDI feeling like I received really great deals and saved money!

I also can’t wait to try some of these new items that I haven’t seen any where else like these Baker’s Corner Key Lime Cookies! I can’t wait to bake them this weekend! They also have some great brands such as SimplyNature® and liveGfree® .


ALDI is an easy to shop grocery store where you can really cut your grocery bills! I know I saved at least 40% on my shopping trip! They do have ALDI-exclusive brands so many of the brands in the store are brands that I am not familiar with but I have tried a few of them already and really love them! The products are high quality and I have to say that I am quite impressed! They have so many healthy and organic products for much more affordable prices than many other grocery stores!

ALDI has opened  25 stores in the Southern California. Check out  aldi.us or the ALDI USA Facebook page for the latest updates on grand openings.


ALDI Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aldiusa/
ALDI Twitter: https://twitter.com/aldiusa
ALDI Blog: https://blog.aldi.us


Self Disclosure: “This post was sponsored by ALDI as part of Influencer Activation for Influence Central.”

Wok With Your Mom this Mother’s Day!

IMG_2766    IMG_2765

This Mother’s Day do something different with Mom!

How about cooking with a Wok?

I love cooking veggies in a Wok but how about something even better for Mother’s Day? I received the recipe for the New Pacific Chili Shrimp at Panda Express so I was quite excited about trying this recipe out for myself and even more excited about sharing it with you! The recipe is easy to follow and it’s great with fried rice!

Pacific Chili Shrimp Recipe (Homemade Version)Serves 4



1 lb         Peeled and deveined shrimp (Any shrimp species will be fine)

¼ tsp      Sea salt

½ tsp      Rice wine or water

1 pinch   White pepper

1 oz        Cooking oil

3 oz        Cooking oil

2 oz        Red bell pepper diced into 1” pieces

2 oz        Yellow onion sliced into ¼” pieces

4 oz        Sugar snap peas (or any peas in pods)

½ tsp      Crushed red chili flakes

½ tsp      Minced garlic

1 tsp       Minced fresh ginger

2 oz        Rice wine vinegar

2 tbs       Sugar

2 tbs       Soy sauce

1 tbs       Water

½ tsp      Sesame oil

1 tbs       Water mixed with 1 tbs corn starch (sauce thickener)



  1. Combine defrosted shrimp with salt, pepper, rice wine and oil. Marinate for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Combine chili flakes, ginger and garlic in a small container. Combine soy sauce, water, vinegar and sugar in a separate container.
  3. Heat a nonstick 10” (or larger) pan with high heat until white smoke appears on top. Add 3 oz cooking oil followed by the marinated shrimp. Quickly stir the shrimp in high heat until it is cooked through (roughly 1 minute).
  4. Remove only the shrimp from the pan and leave the leftover oil. Continue to cook the prepared fresh vegetables.
  5. Add cooked shrimp back into the pan along with crushed chili mixture. Cook for 30 seconds.
  6. Add sauce mixture into the pan, allowing it to come to boil, and quickly stir in the sauce thickener.
  7. Top with sesame oil and serve immediately.
  8. Enjoy!

Speaking of Panda Express..this is also the perfect place to take the family this upcoming holiday or on National Shrimp Day on May 10th! They really have something for everyone! I did try the New Pacific Chili Shrimp and I love it! (So, I am super excited that the recipe is so easy to follow!) 

Pacific Chili Shrimp is only 200 calories and provides 11 grams of protein. Guests can order the dish online at www.PandaExpress.com/Order, through Panda’s mobile app or by visiting any of Panda’s 1,900 locations.


My son still loves the Cream Cheese Rangoons the best! I have to admit that they are quite tasty!

Self Disclosure: I received a Wok Kit and Gift Card to facilitate this post. No other compensation was received to post.