Mama’s little book of Tricks by Lynn Brunelle

Sometimes it’s tough when your child is having a meltdown. We’ve all been there! I recently received a book from our friends at Chronicle Books that will help when those moments happen. [Read more…]

Egghead by Karla Oceanak Fifth title in the award-winning Aldo Zelnick series

My son loves the Wimpy Kid books but there is also another series of books that he just thinks is “epic!” Have you heard of the Aldo Zelnick books? These are hardcover novels for 7-to 13-year olds and feature the hybrid half-text, half-illustration format made popular by the Wimpy Kids books. This series stars 10-year-old Aldo Zelnick, a budding artist who hates physical activity but loves bacon. When Aldo’s grandmother gives him a blank sketchbook for recording “all his artsy-fartsy Ideas,” he reluctantly begins writing and drawing the story that becomes the first book in the alphabetical series, Artsy-Fartsy. We had the honor of reviewing the books from the start and my son has been hooked since that first book.  [Read more…]

642 Things To Draw

Looking for a way to be inspired and motivated to sketch? We received an awesome book from our friends at Chronicle Books that will motivate and inspire you to draw everything from a rainbow to an architect! [Read more…]

Where Should Turtle Be? Written by Susan Ring Illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein

We received a delightful book from our friends at Sylvan Dell Publishing called “Where Should Turtle Be?” and found this story fun and educational. Little Turtle hatches from his egg and is out in the big and beautiful world but he is lost! He isn’t sure where he belongs and he has to find his place. [Read more…]

My Royal Birthday Personalized Book I See Me! Inc.

Looking for a wonderful personalized Birthday gift for your child? I received a delightful personalized storybook from our friends at I See Me! This is such a delightful story and I just love how you are able to personalize it for that special child. My son loved it!  It is perfect for young boys of all ages.  Our suggestion is for ages 4-9.  [Read more…]

Alphabetown USA launches line of fun and educational children’s books Engaging series helps teach and encourage young ones to read through the use of lively characters and illustrations and worthy life lessons

Imagine living in Alphabetown USA , populated by letters from the alphabet which  come alive, have their own personality and teach young children word formation.  The new Alphabetown USA series of stories from Beaner Books features the titles Where is Ziggy?Hannah’s Homework and Catena Goes Camping followed this summer by the introduction of Madison’s Magical Adventure.

The Alphabetown USA series was developed by Ryan and Nicole Mayer, a husband and wife team from Rolesville, North Carolina and is illustrated by artist Russ Simmons. The first Alphabetown book, Where Is Ziggy? , prior to its official publication was made available for use in local elementary schools. Where Is Ziggy? went on to receive an Honorable Mention at the 2008 NYC Book Festival for Best New Children’s Book. [Read more…]