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alternaVites Kids makes taking Vitamins Easier!

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Do you have a child that doesn’t like to take the traditional vitamins? alternatVites Kids in the answer! alternaVites Kids is a line of children’s vitamins & minerals designed to be sprinkled on the tongue (think pixie stick!). Using a proprietary blend of ingredients, alternaVites Kids contains essential vitamins & minerals specially formulated for children ages 4 & up.

Forget chalky chewables and sugary gummies that are often missing nutrients and are prone to sticking to children’s teeth. Jam packed with nutrients kids need, but without the sugar & additives they don’t, new alternaVites Kids Vitamins will have moms and kids cheering! alternaVites Kids is available in the following multivitamin and single-ingredient formulas: Multivitamin Raspberry Cotton Candy, Multivitamin Strawberry Bubble Gum, Vitamin C Orange Berry Blast, Vitamin D Tutti Frutti Smoothie and Calcium Carnival Swirl.

This really is a rather unique product! I like that it is Sugar Free and does not contain artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. Children will like the taste! It is also simple to take! You can sprinkle directly onto the tongue and it melts in your mouth! It can also be added to a smoothie, mixed in yogurt or sprinkled over fruit.

Find out more here.

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Eating Healthier does not have to be expensive! Shopping at the .99 Store can be a great way to eat healthier and keep those New Years Resolutions!

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It seems like every New Year, I make resolutions to east healthier. I usually find that I am able to keep this resolution until the end of January. My excuse usually is that it is much more expensive to eat healthy and usually I find that is more truth than an excuse. But, not this year! I recently had the opportunity to check out healthy eating options at the .99 Store.  They really do have some great deals on produce! I was able to buy a bag of bell peppers for .99 and 2 Cucumbers for .99 is also a real bargain!

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I was amazed at the price for broccoli and tomatoes! Yes, only .99. There are a few items that are not only .99, such as Milk, eggs and Butter but most of the produce I selected were indeed only .99.  I purchased about 20 items for $20 and was quite impressed with the quality and freshness of the fruits and vegetables.  It really is easy to eat healthy and not spend a lot of money! One of my favorites is to buy produce and fixings and make a big salad.


Yes, you can keep those eating healthier resolutions this New Year! Just check out your local .99 Store!

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Chuggington DVD, “Delivery Dash at the Docks,” is coming down the tracks on February 23 Special Giveaway Opportunity!

Dash At The Docks Box with Train 3D

The latest Chuggington title from Anchor Bay Entertainment features six fun-fueled adventures from the popular Disney Junior TV series and stars two new characters, Daley and Skipper Stu! The DVD is also available with a special Daley collectible Toy Train from Tomy, making it the perfect addition to a young child’s Easter basket!

A special delivery of traintastic fun is coming down the tracks for young trainees all across the country this season with “Delivery Dash at the Docks,” the newest release in the much-loved “Chuggington” DVD collection. The brand-new title from Anchor Bay Entertainment contains six standout episodes from the fifth season of the top-rated Disney Junior series as well as trainloads of exciting bonus features. The DVD features two new characters, Daley and Skipper Stu, and is available with a very special Daley collectible toy train from TOMYto give preschool fans and their families even more to honk their horns about! “Delivery Dash at the Docks” moves full steam ahead to retail nationwide on February 23, 2016.

Young fans will love the different episodes such as  Delivery Dash at the Docks Special. There are also bonus features. I received a copy of this DVD and highly recommend for all young children! 

For additional “Chuggington”-themed adventure, fans can visit the Amtrak Exhibit Train Tour as it travels across the country. For more information visit:

We have teamed up for a Giveaway! One winner will win a copy of the DVD! To enter, leave a comment below telling us your child’s favorite character from Chuggington! Deadline to enter is February 28th, 2016 at noon PST. One winner will randomly be selected via US residents only, please.

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In “Delivery Dash at the Docks,” Koko is thrilled to be spending the day training with Chuggington’s new express delivery engine, Daley. Together they pick up and deliver important packages all around Chuggington, frequenting the bustling docks where Skipper Stu, Chuggington’s new Dock Master, is loading and unloading the ship. Through their engaging adventures, Koko, Skipper Stu and all the Chuggers learn the importance of patience, paying careful attention to detail and teamwork!



Believe it or not, Numi Organic Tea can help with your 2016 resolution! A Healthier option than Soda and Energy Drinks!

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Looking for a great way to make a healthier difference in your life? How about drinking less soda and energy drinks? Numi Organic Tea an help make that an easier thing to do! This is an easy way to help manage your weight, improve digestion and metabolism and naturally boost energy.

When trying to lose weight, many people worry about what they are eating, not what they are drinking. The Numi “Pu-erh Challenge” is to replace your daily “fix” beverage of choice (such as coffee, soda, energy drinks) with any of Numi’s Organic Pu-erh flavors for two weeks.  Ideally during the two weeks you will drink only water and pu-erh tea however even one simple daily swap can make a big difference over the course of the challenge.


Like green or white tea, pu-erh is its own category of tea. Richer than black tea, wonderfully smooth, and malty, pu-erh provides a natural boost of sustained energy that delivers focus and clarity. Numi’s Organic pu-erh is sourced from old-growth, wild tea trees in the Yunnan Province of China that are said to give forth “chi,” or life energy.


For centuries, pu-erh has been celebrated in Chinese culture to have a myriad of health benefits.  While formal scientific research is still in early stages, clinical trials conducted in China and France have found promising results that substantiate cultural beliefs and anecdotal evidence that pu-erh can help improve digestion and circulation and increase metabolism and energy, supporting healthy weight loss.


Numi’s distinct Pu-erh Tea blends include (SRP: $8.99/box):

I did take on this challenge and replaced soda and energy drinks with Numi Organic Tea. My favorite is the Chocolate Pu-erh Tea. This velvety infusion combines black Pu∙erh tea and organic cocoa. Accented by whole vanilla beans and sweet orange peel, this decadent blend is rounded off with nutmeg and cinnamon for a spicy finish. It’s absolutely delicious!


Other Teas available are the following:

Cardamom Pu-erh

 This luxurious blend of rich black Pu∙erh tea is enlivened by the spicy and crisp hints of sweet green cardamom. The exotic and aromatic experience of this one-of-a-kind specialty tea is truly an adventure of the senses.

Emperor’s Pu-erh

 Pu∙erh boasts a deep bold body that is smooth and earthy with hints of malt. This rich, energizing tea is deeply satisfying as a coffee alternative. Numi is proud to reveal the centuries old tradition of Pu∙erh.

Ginger Pu-erh

 This delicious and antioxidant-rich tea balances the deep earthy taste of black Pu∙erh tea with the peppery, spicy notes of ginger. A hearty and warming tea filled with healthful benefits. I tried this one too! It is also a must-try!

For more information, check out the website!

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Long Beach Cruises by Harbor Breeze Cruises are a great family outing! Fun for the Upcoming Spring break!

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Looking for a fun way to spend some time with the family this upcoming Spring Break? Long beach Cruises by Harbor Breeze Cruises is something you really should do! My son and I had the opportunity to go on a 45 minute Queen Mary/Long Beach Cruise recently and really had such a great time! I love that this is a 45 minute narrated cruise around the Long Beach Harbor. My favorite thing was seeing the Sea Lions! The cruise is narrated by an experienced Captain and you really do learn a lot and it is so much fun! Weekday schedule at 12:30 pm, 1:45 pm, 3:15 pm, 4:45 pm, 6:15 pm. On the weekend the schedule is every 45 minutes from 11:30 am – 6:15 pm.


You can also go Whale Watching weekdays 12:00 and 3:00 Pm and weekends 9 am, 12 pm and 3 pm. This one is 2 1/2-3 hours and you can also see Dolphins!

To find out more, visit their website!

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