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Simple® Products at a Great Value


I tend to have more sensitive skin since I entered my 40’s so It isn’t quite as easy to find skincare products that work well for me. It seems that my skin can get dried out from some soaps and I tend to get more redness. Simple® is good for my sensitive skin. Simple® is sensitive and kind to my skin. I like that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dried out and leaves my skin feeling soft.  I tried the foaming cleanser and it was great on my face and did not leave it feeling dried out or irritated.

Simple® is the expert on sensitive skin care.



When your environment keeps you down, keep your moisturizer light! Try these New Simple® Skin Care products, Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer, for instant hydration, Simple Foaming Facial cleanser that rinses and leaves nothing behind apart from clean, fresh hydrated skin or New Simple® Nourishing 24-hour Day/Night Cream for super soft and smooth skin! These great products have NO parabens, NO dyes, NO artificial perfumes and NO harsh irritants.
Simple® is also available atWalgreens right now for a great value!

Buy any 2 or more participating Simple® products at Walgreens during the month of May and get 2,000 Balance Reward Points. For even more savings, participating Simple® products at Walgreens are Buy 1 get 1 50% off with your Balance Rewards Card. But, you should hurry! This ends 5/31/14.
Self Disclosure: I have been compensated by Global Influence for this post but only post about products that I believe are good for my readers. I did try this product out on my own and any opinions expressed are truthful.


Tangle…more than a toy!


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Looking for a toy that really is much more than a toy? We think we may have the answer! We received samples of Tangle Jr and Therapy Tangles and I have to say, I am impressed! These will definitely provide kids with imaginative, tactile and creative fun! I really don’t think I have seen anything quite like these before. They are  unique and love the bright colors. My son has a lot of energy and when he plays with these he does appear calmer. I also like that they are perfect for “on the go” play. They are small enough to fit in my purse and go in the car. Not only kids will like these, they are a great stress reliever for adults too! They have ones with different textures and they are collectible and even connectable! These are just too cool! My son likes that you can take them apart and they go back together and Tangle Therapy can even be used as a Stop Smoking Aid. Yes, it comes with instructions that are very helpful! They are also quite affordable and you can collect them all!

To find out more, check out the Tangle Creations website!

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Self Disclosure: I received samples to facilitate this feature but any opinions expressed are 100% truthful. Photo Credit: Tangle Creations.


Sure to Become a Comedic Classic – Blended with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions,


What do you get when you put two top notch comedians and a great, slightly plausible script? This script exploits the impossibility of a man and woman getting together after a rocky first encounter? As KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Gerry O. says, “Blended is one of the funniest films of 2014 so far. I also believe this is the best and funniest of Sandler’s film to date.” Shelby R. adds, “One of lessons that I learned from this film is that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because you never know how it might surprise you.” See their full reviews and coverage of the red carpet below.

Reviewed by Gerry Orz, age 12, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

Coverage from the premiere here.

This film made me laugh till my jaw hurt. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are back together for another comedy that is fun, smooth and has so many one-liners that everyone will repeat and remember for years to come! Blended is one of the funniest films of 2014 so far. I also believe this is the best and funniest of Sandler’s film to date.

The amazing thing about this film is that it has a great story line with deep meaning. It isn’t just about comedy. There is a romantic family get-away with jokes, dancing and heartwarming scenes and a very special treat for all animal lovers out there.

The story starts when two single parents, Lauren and Jim, have a horrible blind date…at Hooters! After that, and quite by accident, the two families end up enjoying a family vacation together. It is a funny adventure that makes you laugh, cry and stay at the age of your seat, pumped with excitement and anticipation of what is coming next.

I absolute love the chemistry. You can see that the actors are good friends and they play their emotions perfectly. The comedy is an Adam Sandler / Drew Barrymore classic but, it is not the usual everyday Hollywood comedy that you expect. This film has a message. Even though it is a funny movie, it has a story line that is easy to follow and easy to cry, to laugh and to be happy.

My favorite scene is when the two people, Jim and Lauren, first see each other. They get in line to buy something and in front of them is someone from another Happy Madison movie. Yep, they brought an old character from another movie that everyone adores. So, when this happens, it surprises everyone and it makes the audience laugh out loud. If you want to know who I am talking about, you have to watch the film.

Even though this is a comedy, there are a lot of jokes that are somewhat mature so I recommend it for ages 12 to 18. I also give it 5 out 5 stars for good chemistry, comedy and great acting. I hope this is the beginning of many films with this amazing duo because their partnership clearly works. It gives the film that little something extra that makes for an instant blockbuster.


Reviewed by Shelby R., age 15, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

This movie is really funny and also heartfelt. Blended is about Jim and Lauren’s journey together. After going on a blind date, swearing never to see each other again, only to find themselves and their kids in the same hotel in Africa for whole week. Jim and Lauren are forced to learn how to blend themselves and their families together through various activities.


My favorite moment is when Lauren (Drew Barrymore) sings “Over the Rainbow” to Jim’s daughter, Lou. It made me almost cry because Jim’s wife used to sing that song to Lou every night before she passed away. It helped Espn (Jim’s daughter) get over the death of her mother. I liked how the director, Frank Coraci developed Lauren into this compassionate mother who cares about not only her kids but the well beings of others. Because of that, she is my favorite character.


The funniest moment is when Hilary (Bella Thorne) starts to dance in the middle of a basketball game to catch Jake’s attention and Jim (Adam Sandler) embarrasses her by asking her what she is doing. This scene connects the audience to the characters because everyone has gone through an embarrassing moment in his life when trying to impress someone.


Another funny moment is when Brendan (Lauren’s son) gets mad at Jim for not wanting his mother.  When Jim says how she uptight she is, he comes to her defense and calls her “hot.”


One of the filming locations is South Africa. Julio Macat, the cinematographer, captures the true essence of Africa and allows the audience to see its splendor including all the animals that live there. I love the scene when Jim and Lauren decide to explore the great outdoors and all you see is a long river with elephants, giraffes and a sandy desert.

One of lessons that I learned from this film is that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because you never know how it might surprise you. I give this movie four out of five stars and recommend it for ages 13 to 18. Check out Blended it comes out May 23th!!! Let the BLENDING BEGIN!!


Credit: KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions





Crocs for the Summer!


My son lives in Crocs during the summer! Actually, he would prefer to wear them every day! So, we were quite excited to find out he would be receiving a pair to try out. I have never worn Crocs before so I was also thrilled to receive a pair of stylish Women’s Crocs Huarache Flip-Flops to review.

photo (4)   photo (31)

I love how playful, bright and strappy the Women’s Huarache Flip-Flops are! But, best of all they are so very comfortable! I received a pair in the muti/island green but they are also available in other colors. They retail for $44.99. My son loves his new Crocband Kids Lego Crocs!  He received a pair in the Sea blue/Red but they are also available in bright yellow/sea blue, volt green/yellow & neon magenta/neon purple.  He is now wearing them everywhere! (see above) I like that they are lightweight and he doesn’t complain about them. My son is not big on wearing shoes so they have to be comfortable! My son also loves the bright colors and the Lego design. They are a hit in our house! They are also on sale right now for $24.99.

photo (2)

This weekend only on the website they are having a Happy Memorial day Sale! Buy one, get up to two 50% off! Now, how cool is that?!  Just enter the code Salute at the check out.

For these and many other cool styles for the summer, check out the Crocs website!

Self Disclosure: I received free samples to facilitate this review feature but any opinions expressed are 100% truthful.


Introducing ALL NEW! CeraVe Baby!


Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC is proud to announce the arrival of a “baby” to the trusted CeraVe® line – CeraVe® Baby! Developed with pediatric dermatologists to help protect and maintain baby’s delicate skin barrier, this three-part skincare regimen is fragrance, paraben and sulfate-free. 

  • NEW CeraVe® Baby Wash & Shampoo (8 oz. pump – $9.99; Walmart and Drugstores Nationwide) gently cleanses baby’s hair and body while helping to maintain the delicate skin barrier. The product contains 3 essentialceramides, hyaluronic acid and vitamins that work to lock in and restore moisture in the skin, leaving it hydrated and soft. Packaged in a convenient pump bottle, CeraVe® Baby Wash & Shampoo is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and dyes, leaving your baby with nothing but clean, healthy skin and hair! It is also tear-free, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.                         


  • NEW CeraVe® Baby Moisturizing Lotion (8 oz. pump – $9.99; Walmart and Drugstores Nationwide)moisturizes to help protect and maintain baby’s delicate skin barrier for up to 24 hours. With 3 essential ceramides and vitamins, this moisturizing lotion also contains dimethicone, a skin protectant, that helps temporarily relieve chafed, chapped or cracked skin, leaving it feeling soft and healthy.  CeraVe® Baby Moisturizing Lotion is hypoallergenic and fragrance-, paraben-, gluten-, sulfate- and phthalate-free.


  • NEW CeraVe® Baby Diaper Rash Cream (3 oz. tube – $9.99; Walmart and Drugstores Nationwide) helps treat and prevent diaper rash, while also helping to repair and restore baby’s delicate skin barrier.  When applied to baby’s skin, 3 essential ceramides help to repair the skin barrier, as INVISIBLE ZINC™ works to soothe and prevent future diaper rashes.  The cream also contains dimethicone to help protect chafed skin, while also sealing out wetness. With its unique, non-greasy formula, CeraVe® Baby Diaper Rash Cream glides on easily without the thick, sticky mess that most other creams leave behind.  It is packaged in a portable tube and lasts between diaper changes.CeraVe® Baby Diaper Rash Cream is hypoallergenic and fragrance, paraben, gluten, sulfate and phthalate-free.

We received samples to try out and I like how the moisturizer is great for dry skin (even adults) and safe for baby. I don’t have a little one in the house but we did let a friend try out the Diaper Rash Cream and she highly recommends it as a Must-Have for all babies!

Self Disclosure: We received free samples to facilitate this post. But, any opinions expressed are truthful.

Stop sunburns in their tracks with Babyganics!

Mineral Based Sunscreen, 50+SPF, 6oz

Winter is out and Memorial Day is just around the corner, which means summer is on its way! Before you slice up some watermelon, inflate the kiddie pool, stock the freezer with ice pops, and turn your little one loose to explore their baby-safe world…make sure they are equipped with the proper protection! It’s a big, wide world out there and your baby wants at it, but sunburn and damage to sensitive skin isn’t anything you want them to explore…

Babyganics, the leading manufacturer of naturally safe and effective products for a “baby-safe world,” would like to introduce you to their new Mineral-Based Sunscreen lotion (50+SPF). Providing broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection that glides on smooth for effortless application, this new offering just in time for summer has a non-chemical, non-whitening formula that absorbs easily to skin, perfect for high exposure areas and targeted protection. Although Babyganics has no PABA, Parabens, nano-particles, Phthalates or fragrances, it is just as effective as a traditional sunscreen. Pediatrician and dermatologist tested, their mineral-based formula is non-allergenic, tear free, and is the only sunscreen with Babyganics’ exclusive NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend that nurtures and supports baby’s skin. Let’s not forget that this product is also water resistant for up to 80 minutes! We received a sample of this to try out and I am quite impressed with how well it works! I love that it is tear free and water resistant! This is a Must-Have for this upcoming Summer! Well, in So California, it is a must-have anytime of the year!

Babyganics’ Mineral-Based Sunscreen lotion (50+SPF) retails for $9.99 and is available for purchase at Babies ‘R’ Us, Buy Buy Baby, Target, and online at

Toss this lotion in your beach bag and let the fun in the sun begin!

Self Disclosure: We received a product for FREE to facilitate this feature but any opinions expressed are 100% truthful.